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Iceland return from £139
Fire, ice, hot springs, Northern Lights, and epic road trips... what's not to love about Iceland? This fare is valid for for flights up until May - when there are 17 hours of sunlight a day - so much time for you to explore!
Return from £139
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Shanghai from £349 return
Check out China's coolest city, trek the Great Wall, or kick off an epic far eastern odyssey with these bargain flights for Spring. Get in touch with us to book before 8th April!
From £349 return
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Rio de Janeiro return from £399
The Amazon, Iguazzu, and Christ the Redeemer. Get to know one of the world's most epic adventure destinations with return flights into Brazil's most buzzing city for bargain prices!
Return from £399
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Perth from £539 return
Endless kangaroo inhabited beaches, deserted national parks and whale sharks... when it comes to Australia, West may just be best. Bag this fare before 15th April!
From £539 return
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£49 Deposit

Secure your flights to your dream destination with our exclusive £49 flight deposit. All you need to do is visit us in store or give us a call.
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Take a mate and save up to £300 off flights to Perth

  • £50 (1 pax)/£150 (2 pax)/£300 (3+ pax) off in the booking  
  • This is for bookings in store/phone only
  • This a marketing funded offer – the discount does not come out of revenue. Please use the MFP code as per instructions below
  • This is valid for return or 1-way flights to Perth. Applicable also if part of RTW ticket. – folder must be originating from UK (ex-UK) and returning back to UK.
  • This offer has no requirement land purchase
  • Valid on new bookings only
  • You must put the code PERTH50 or PERTH150 or PERTH300 in your MFP receipt – please note this is marketing funded so it doesn’t come out of your revenue
  • DTM folders will be checked to ensure that the MFP code has been used correctly
  • This deal is not open to STA staff
  • Full instructions for offset receipts are below


Full terms & conditions

£50 off when 1 pax, £150 off when 2 pax, £300 off when 3+ pax. Maximum of £300 discount given in any single booking.

New passengers added to the booking travelling to Perth. For return or 1-way flights to Perth. Flights must originate/depart from the UK. This may be used in conjunction with a RTW ticket.

The offer runs until 31st March and is subject to availability. It cannot be extended to any other product or destination.

This offer can be used in conjunction with the deposit scheme in store if applicable to the ticket/airline (discount amount deducted from final balance due). But cannot be extended if a passenger chooses to cancel/re-booking flights at a later date. This offer is valid for new bookings only. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers or promos running simultaneously.

STA Travel reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Applicable booking fees will still be charged. 

This offer is exclusive to STA Travel and cannot be redeemed directly through any airline.


Offset receipt instructions

  1. Book the Ex UK Perth return flights as per normal.
  2. Add a new receipt
  3. Change 'Payment Method' field to 'Other'
  4. 'Other Code' is 'MFP' (Marketing Funded Promotion)
  5. Change 'This Receipt' amount to £50/£150/£300
  6. Select 'Part Payment'
  7. Add the promo code “PERTH50” or “PERTH150” or “PERTH300” to the 'Seq. Number' field
  8. Assign the amount to the flight line
  9. OK - Print (do not print)
  10. Take payment of balance (if this is for a deposit flight then collect the £49 as per normal and assign the discount to the balance due)