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MultiFLEX Pass

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Indecisive and flighty, meet MultiFLEX! Add a MultiFLEX date change pass to any eligible tickets and travel with the freedom of knowing that if your plans need to change, you can date change your flights without having to worry about the change fees. T&Cs apply.

Why should I add a MultiFLEX pass?

Blue square with a white tick going through it Make online changes
No more 2am phone calls to airlines from faraway time zones. Make online changes on the road by filling out our change form or via Live Chat (if available). 
Blue square with a white tick going through it Avoid change fees
If your original fare is not available on your new dates, you will only ever pay the difference in fare and taxes. There are no change fees with MultiFLEX. T&Cs apply.
Blue square with a white tick going through it Buy before you fly
Passes can only be added to certain tickets and the below three passes must be purchased prior to departure. Ask your Travel Expert which tickets are eligible.

Flight date change passes from £29

Unlimited date changes from £99

The MultiFLEX mothership! Make unlimited date changes on the road, plus unlimited changes before you leave. (Only available on the Unlimited pass). Perfect for bigger trips such as gap years, career breaks or sabbaticals. T&Cs apply

Three date changes from £69

Not 100% sure of your dates? Our three change pass is ideal for multi-stop tickets where you’ve got multiple places to potentially fall in love with, or for those summers where you’re simply not ready to come home. T&Cs apply

One date change from £29

Cheaper than our standard change fee (£45), our one change pass is a great reassurance if you've booked a return ticket but aren’t fully set on your return date. Not all tickets are eligible for MultiFLEX, so check before you book. T&Cs apply.

MultiFLEX Flight Pass Terms & Conditions


We will only sell you a MultiFLEX Pass if you have changeable flight tickets as part of your itinerary. If you have lots of flights (e.g. on a round-the-world trip), you may have some tickets that aren’t changeable and other tickets that you can change. Please confirm with a Travel Expert before purchasing that you are on an eligible ticket. If you have purchased your flight ticket and MultiFLEX Pass online, we will contact you if your flight ticket is not eligible. Making date changes (even on changeable tickets) usually incurs change fees and sometimes there is a difference between the fare for your original ticket and the one you want to change to. Your MultiFLEX Pass means that you won’t pay change fees, but you will still need to pay any fare difference if you want to change to a more expensive flight, or there are additional taxes which apply. Changing flights at the last minute is likely to mean there is a higher fare difference, so we recommend making changes as early as possible.

There may be instances where you have purchased the Multiflex pass in conjunction with a ticket which is subject to a schedule change by the airline. In these instances, the airline may take ownership of the ticket and standard airline date change fees will apply. This means that the Multiflex pass can no longer be utilised for this flight so the Multiflex cost will be refunded in full to you, unless you choose to retain it to be used with other flights as part of your itinerary.

MultiFLEX Passes can only be redeemed for date changes on flights booked as part of the named passenger’s original itinerary. MultiFLEX Passes are not transferable. A new trip requires a new MultiFLEX pass. All date changes are subject to availability and ticket conditions. MultiFLEX Passes do not change the rules of your purchased ticket, e.g. maximum stay validity or booking class. For example, if your ticket only allows you to stay for a year, then you can’t change to a date beyond this point using your MultiFLEX Pass. Please contact your Travel Expert for more information about this, e.g. the maximum length of stay on your ticket. The MultiFLEX Pass is only valid in conjunction with selected economy class tickets.

One Date Change Pass – 1 date change - can only be purchased before full payment of your booking.

Three Date Change Pass – 3 date changes – can only be purchased before full payment of your booking.

Unlimited Date Change Pass – unlimited date changes – can only be purchased before full payment of your booking.

Post Departure Change Pass - 3 date changes – can only be purchased after depature.

If you want to change your flight before you leave the UK you can only do this if you have purchased the Unlimited Change Pass – to do this, please contact your booking store. Date changes before you leave the UK are not covered on the One Change or Three Change MultiFLEX Passes and these changes will incur change fees, as well as any difference in the fare and applicable taxes. After you have left the UK, date changes using the MultiFLEX Pass can be redeemed by contacting our Global Travel Help Team using this form. You can’t make a date change for a flight you have already missed. Missing your flight may also affect remaining segments of your journey, possibly resulting in a new purchase being required. Please contact your booking store if you have missed a flight and you have not yet left the UK, if you have left then please contact Global travel help using this form. Your MultiFLEX Pass covers date changes only. MultiFLEX Passes cannot be used to change the name of the passenger. If you wish to change your destination (known as re-routing) and there are change fees involved in doing so, these fees will not be covered by the MultiFLEX Pass. If the fare for the new destination is more expensive, then you will have to pay the fare increase and any applicable taxes as well. Please note that other restrictions may apply to rerouting your ticket. Your MultiFLEX Pass is non-refundable.