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New Zealand working holiday visas

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To fully appreciate the culture and beauty of New Zealand you need to immerse yourself slap bang in the middle of it, and a Working Holiday Visa is the best way of experiencing everything this amazing country has to offer.  If you're keen to work whilst in New Zealand, we've got the low down on everything you'll need including all important visa requirements.

New Zealand

Working Holiday Visa

From £215

Channel your inner adventurer with a New Zealand working holiday visa! Let us help you secure a visa where you can work for up to 12 and live for up to 24 months. Spend time working amongst some of the most scenic landscapes with a range of short term jobs to help you fund your Kiwi adventure. You can purchase your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa with the full support of STA Travel's Visa Service for only £215.

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Work visa 12-23 months
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Benefits of a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

A New Zealand working holiday visa gives you the freedom to earn some extra cash and enable you to see as much of this incredible country as possible. Maybe you fancy working on a sheep farm or you might prefer the pace of city life with an office job... whatever your calling, there’s a great variety of work in this laid back country.

Typical jobs for travellers

Barista new zealand


To help keep New Zealanders caffeinated, you'll earn around $17 an hour working in a coffee shop.

Bar work in new zealand

Bar work

As a bar worker, you can earn around $16-17 per hour, plus tips and a great chance of meeting new and interesting people.

Hospitality in new zealand


Hospitality wages range from $16-25 per hour. There are always plenty of vacancies for a wide range of public, private and corporate events.

Office admin in new zealand

Office work

Admin roles can pay $20-30 per hour or more if you have experience or qualifications in PR, recruitment or marketing.

labouring in new zealand

Labour and farming

Labourers can earn between $20-$30 an hour, depending on experience.Farm work can vary, and often is paid by the amount of work and volume of fruit picked.

shop work in new zealand

Shop work

Earn between around $20 an hour, plus possible staff discounts and instant popularity amongst your friends.

How much does a working holiday visa cost?

A New Zealand working holiday visa costs £215. This enables those aged 18-30 to work for up to 12 months, study for up to 6 months and live for up to 23 months. You are also able to leave and re-enter New Zealand for the duration of your visa. You must have sufficient funds for a return ticket plus NZ$350 for every month you plan on staying in the country.

Can I stay in New Zealand longer than 23 months?

No, not on a working holiday visa. However, there are other work visa options that may allow you to stay indefinitely. You can visit the New Zealand Immigration website for more information.

Can I study on a working holiday visa?

Y​es, you can study for up to 6 months on a New Zealand working holiday visa.

Where can I work?

Where can’t you work?! As long as you don’t work on a permanent contract for more than 12 months, you can pretty much work anywhere you like. Travellers tend to go for work in farms, vineyards, bars, constructions sites and hostels. Relevant qualifications may be required for some roles. 

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