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Bangkok to L.Prabang | From £1,110

Explore bustling Bangkok, marvel at the incredible Angkor Wat, discover the horrors of the Killing Fields, then take the chance to kick back and relax along the banks of the Mekong River.

18 days

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Lima to La Paz

Discover the rich wildlife of the Ballestas Islands by boat, view condors in the awe inspiring Colca Canyon and trek the trails of the Incas and explore the sights of Machu Picchu.

22 days

From £856

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Istanbul to Beijing

The Silk Road is one of the world's most iconic adventures with over 7,000 mind-blowing kilometres! You'll get a taster for the traditional way of life that has been unchanged for centuries and witness some of the world's most incredible wonders including the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army.

96 Days

From £5,560

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Lima to Rio

Watch out for wildlife in Brazil's Patanal & Peru's Ballestas Islands, meet Argentinian gauchos and local communities in Peru and Bolvia and take a week to explore Cuzco and the trails to Machu Picchu.

7 days

from £3,208

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Kathmandu to Mumbai

Northern India and Nepal have it all! The Himalayas and foothills, deserts and jungles are just some that never fail to impress. Cruise the holy Ganges and see the colourful ghats, tour the astoundining rock caves at Ellora and Ajanta and experience the hustle and bustle of Delhi.

31 days

From £1,245