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Discover places no one else goes with Stray's guided network. Expert guides will share invaluable local insights, offer practical advice, bridge and enrich your Asian adventure. Every day you'll be immersed in the culture, with STRAY passes offering unique night stops and giving you the opportunity to experience a homestay with a local family in a traditional village in Northern Laos or Cambodia. Connect with local people and create life-long memories away from the tourist trail.  

What's special about Stray Asia passes?

GO GUIDED: Expert guides organise accommodation and activities for you and show you the best spot for a beer

RELIABLE, SAFE TRANSPORT: Visit popular and off the beaten track places without the worry of unreliable public transport.

TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY AND RESPECTFULLY: Helps support local initiatives - past travellers have helped to build a temple roof and new roads.


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Stray Asia Passes

Check out our featured passes below or give one of our travel experts a call for our full range of products. 

Looking for an easier option? STRAY add-on packages ensure absolutely everything is sorted for you. Contact us for more information on add-on packages and accommodated packages.

Tom Yum Pass

Thailand & Laos

Now from £540Was £697 22.5% off!

Stay with a local family on the Mekong, explore UNESCO temples, go tubing down a river and visit spectacular waterfalls. Duration: Min. 12 days (recommended duration 16 days)

Lot Pass

Thailand to Vietnam

Now from £1,432Was £1849 22.5% off!

Do it all with The Lot. Start in Bangkok and adventure through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, finishing in northern Vietnam. Overnight in remote villages, riverboat underground caves, visit UNESCO temples and relax on pristine coastlines. Be sure to get off the beaten track on an adventure of a lifetime. Duration: Minimum 39 days (recommended duration 57 days)

Mekong Pass

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia

Now from £1,057Was £1,365 22.5% off!

Roam ancient temples, view Sacred Turtle lake, enjoy delicious fresh seafood and explore a river of 4,000 Islands. Loop around Laos and Cambodia before returning to Bangkok. Duration: Minimum 26 days (recommended duration 34 days)

Moc Bai

Thailand to Vietnam

Now from £924Was £1,193 22.5% off!

Get off the tourist trail; meet friendly locals, mountain bike in stunning scenery and sample delicious locally grown coffee and wine. From newly discovered caves, to rice paddies, pristine beaches, National Parks and tunnels from the Secret War. Duration: Min. 24 days (recommended duration 32 days)

Dong Pass


Now from £565Was £730 22.5% off!

Explore deserted coastlines, take a ride on a motorbike, discover rice paddies and catch a glimpse of the local monkeys and gibbons. Duration: Min. 14 days (recommended duration 18 days)

Khmer Pass


Now from £458Was £592 22.5% off!

Stuff your face with delicious seafood, explore untouched islands, marvel at the mighty Angkor Wat and learn about the fascinating history of Cambodia. Duration: min. 11 days (recommended duration 15 days)

Bucket Pass

Thailand (unguided) - 3 Days+

Now from £72Was £93 22.5% off!

This nifty add-on allows you to explore the picturesque Thai islands at your own pace: beaches, diving and all-night partes. What more could you want? Duration: min, 3 days (recommended duration 6 days).