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Study abroad

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Learn a new skill while travelling

Learning a new language or skill abroad is an experience that will stay with you forever. Whether you're looking to learn Spanish or become a Ski instructor, we'll give you all the information you need to set you up on your next big trip, and help you plan a study abroad adventure like no other.

Why Study Abroad?

With our learn abroad programs and courses, you can learn a new language or specific skills, or give back and teach others, whether it's surfing or teaching English. Improve your CV, make new friends, and gain independence all whilst travelling.

TEFL Courses

The essential teaching qualification for TEFL jobs worldwide, internationally recognised and accepted across the globe. Get your qualifications in one of our classrooms or complete your course from anywhere in the world with TEFL online courses! 


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Learn to be a game ranger

Have you ever fancied yourself as a game ranger? Well how about learning all the skills necessary to professionally conduct a game drive at one of South Africa’s largest private game reserves situated in the stunning, malaria-free Eastern Cape! Includes 59 nights accommodation, 3 meals daily, theoretical & practical training, and recognised FGASA Level 1 qualification at the end of the 60 days.
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Become a surf instructor in Australia

Spend three months based north of Coffs Harbour and south of Byron Bay, eating and breathing surf culture to gain your internationally recognised Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification. Includes 3 months accommodation, 5 day Mojosurf tour, up to 40 hours work experience, and a local payment of AUD$1000 applies for Statutory Certification & Accreditation to become a Level 1 Surf Instructor.
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Learn a language in Europe

Do you ever find yourself envious of your multilingual European friends? Well don't be! Instead you should combine your next European adventure with learning a language. Learn French or Spanish in Europe and improve your language skills whilst delving in French cuisine, or snacking on tapas. Improve your Italian to cover more than the food menu and discover the cultural heritage and long standing history of our Mediterranean favourites. The famous beaches of the Côte d’Azur, Amalfi Coast or Costa del Sol invite you with sun, palm trees and friendly locals, so use your newly learned French, Spanish, or Italian skills to make new friends and have a fun-filled adventure.

Learn French from £315

Say Bonjour to the iconic streets of Paris, the sunkissed beaches of Nice or the bohemian buzz of Montpelier. Choose from a homestay with a local family, a student residence or shared apartment.       
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Learn Spanish from £244

Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina…. the options are endless. Enjoy the culture and make friends with the locals as you learn with courses starting from just £244.
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Learn Italian from £330

Pizza, piazzas and perfecting the lingo…Rome and Florence are our top choices. Both schools are based in traditional buildings for the complete Italian experience and are just steps from bars and restaurants to practise your new skills in.


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Learn Spanish in the Americas

Over 400 million people worldwide speak Spanish so get on the bandwagon now! Learn Spanish in Latin America, whether it's in the cosmopolitan cities in South America or along the pristine beaches of Central America, you will have a fantastic time for sure and will be able to communicate with locals across the continent afterwards.

Learn Spanish in South America from £245

Whether it’s a short course to learn the basics before you set off backpacking or a longer course, we have you covered. Choose from city or beach locations in Ecuador, the epic capital city of Argentina, or the oldest city in Peru and gateway to Machu Picchu, Cuzco. Or Practise on the UNESCO World Heritage streets of Cartagena in Colombia.
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Learn Spanish in Central America from £175

Narrow cobblestone streets, baroque architecture and striking backdrops, make Antigua one of the most popular language holiday destinations in Central America. Post class beach hanging more your thing? Costa Rica could be the place for you! With outdoor classrooms and walking distance to the beach this school is great for outdoorsy types.
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Learn a language in Asia

Asian languages appeal more to you? Head over to China and learn Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the world. The Chinese language may also be the most difficult one to learn, so there is no better way than learning Mandarin in our language schools in China where you can practise your newly learned skills on a daily basis. Or why not make Japan your classroom and learn about the history, culture and cuisine whilst learning to speak Japanese?

Learn Mandarin in China from £700

Learn Mandarin in one of the two most fascinating cities in China – Beijing where the finest remnants of the country’s imperial past exist or Shanghai, China’s trendiest city. You’ll be based in homestay accommodation and can choose from either standard or intensive courses.



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Learn Japanese from £475

What better than to learn Japanese in the vibrant and exciting city of Tokyo? Discover the amazing sights, sounds and Japanese cuisine whilst enrolling onto a standard or intensive course based in the heart of the city. Or head to Fukuoka, the largest city on the southernmost island of Japan, or choose Kobe in the heart of Japan's 'cultural triangle'.
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