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Top Round the World routes

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As the original Round the World Experts, we've been sending people off on awesome Round the World adventures since 1979. Check out our favourite sample routes and itineraries, so that you can get some inspiration for your Round the World trip. We’ve included some of our favourite routes on this page, but it’s 100% your trip. Book an appointment or contact us and give your demands to our Travel Experts and they’ll create a new, tailor-made round the world route for you. You can even name it if you like.

Our Round the World routes

Whether you're taking a year out, having a break for a couple of months, or just looking for a short multi-city trip - from a jaunt across Europe and Canada, to a jam-packed Asian adventure or an Aussie and Kiwi combination - we've got the route for you.
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Coco Loco round the world route map
Coco Loco
UK > Bangkok > make your own way to Singapore > Melbourne > make your own way to Sydney > Christchurch > make your own way to Auckland > Fiji - LA > make your own way to San Francisco > Mexico City > Cuba > UK
From £1,549
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The Sidekick
UK > Kuala Lumpur > Melbourne - make your own way to - Sydney > Fiji for an optional £49 > Los Angeles - make your own way to - New York > UK.
Student/Under 26 from £999 | From £1,049 open to all | Add Fiji to this route from £49!
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D'Asia Vu route
D'Asia Vu
UK > Tokyo > Philippines > Bali > Singapore > Borneo

> Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - make your own way to - Bangkok >  back to UK

Students and under 26s from £1,199
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fiji route
The Bula Loop
UK > New York - make your own way to - Los Angeles > Fiji > Sydney - make your own way to - Darwin > Singapore - make your own way to - Bangkok > UK
From £1,139 open to all
Across the pond
Across the pond
UK > Reykjavik > New York > make your own way to Florida's Fort Lauderdale > Cancun > make your own way to San Jose > Lima > make your own way to Rio > Lisbon > UK
Students and under 26s from £999 
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The Speedbump
UK > Kilimanjaro > make your own way to Johannesburg > Perth > make your own way to Sydney > Auckland > Buenos Aires > make your own way to Rio de Janeiro > fly back to UK
Students and under 26s from £1,599
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The Helix round the world route map
The Helix
UK > Bangkok > make your own way to Singapore > Brisbane > make your own way to Sydney > Christchurch > make your own way to Auckland > Bali > fly back to UK
Students and under 26s from £1,199
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Sax and the City round the world route map
Sax and the City
UK > Reykjavik > New York > make your own way to > Fort Lauderdale > Cancun > make your own way to San Jose > Lima > make your own way to Rio de Janeiro >  fly back to UK
Students and under 26s from £999
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round the world flights
Fly South For the Winter
London > Dubai > Colombo > Singapore > Melbourne > Auckland - make your own way to - Christchurch > Sydney > Bangkok > London
Students/under 26 from £1,199 | Open to all from £1,549
round the world
The Big Dozen
London > Toronto > Buenos Aires - make your own way to - Bogota > Fort Lauderdale > Los Angeles - make your own way to - Las Vegas > Vancouver > Tokyo > Manila > Hong Kong > Bangkok > Dubai > London
Student/under 26 from £1,899
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asia round the world
The Hula Hoop
London > Bangkok - make your own way to - Phuket > Kuala Lumpur > Borneo > Bali > Manila > London
Student/Under 26 from £999 

Or... build your own Round the World route

The routes on this page are our most popular, but don't forget, they're examples. The real beauty of our Round the World tickets is that they're entirely flexible, and we can build bespoke routes just for you. As many destinations as you like, anywhere, in any order. It's your world, after all.
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