By Rachael Porter

10 reasons to do a working holiday in New Zealand

What if we were to tell you that moving over to New Zealand on a working holiday visa could not only help you start to build your career, but you’d make adventures, cash AND friends for life?

North America
By Hannah Jeffery

Top 5 places to visit in America for beer

Not just about dramatic landscapes, rich and diverse history, and extra-large food portions, America leads the way in cultish craft beer. Full of historic breweries and beardy backyard brewers turning out hop-based puns, here are five of the best beer towns you should tap into.

By Hannah Jeffery

Flight match: Find your multi-stop or Round the World

Round the World and multi-stop flights. Confusing, right?Wrong.Basically, our Travel Experts can pretty much create any Round the World or multi-stop route from our super-flexible and exclusive BlueTicket student, under 31 and open-to-all adult fares. Check out some of our routes.

By Rachael Porter

Travelling the world with locked-in syndrome

When Mia was 21 she suffered a severe stroke which paralysed her from the neck down (aka ‘locked-in syndrome’). A passionate traveller, Mia didn’t want to let her situation stop her from experiencing the world and everything in it, and has launched a campaign for travellers with disabilities, to show them you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

By Hannah Jeffery

11 travel gifts for eco-conscious wanderers

Such is the current reusable and recycling revolution, that at home, most of us wouldn’t dream of buying single-use plastic water bottles and throwaway coffee…

Latin America
By Claudia Posada

A local’s guide to Santiago

This time as part of our ‘Local Insider Series’ we asked Claudia, our Brochure Content Executive, to tell us all about Santiago. She studied there for 5 months on an exchange program (there and Paris, lucky gal), eating all the ice cream, drinking all the wine, and travelling around the country whenever she could.