Welcome! You are not alone…

Welcome to the new STA Travel Blog! As epic journeys go, this one is right up there with the best of them. This exciting new space is the hottest new spot in t’internet town, to talk about our favourite topic: travel.

You are not alone in spending every waking moment thinking about travel.

Whether that’s a boundless journey across the seven seas, or a whip around the world’s most exciting destinations, the STA Travel Blog is the place to be. We’ll be here every day, every week, with our pens dripping and our eyes and ears open.

What to expect

Expect a regular burst of inspirational ideas and destinations, rounded off with authentic travel tips and advice, direct from the road. If you have an opinion on the topics we discuss here on the STA Travel Blog, the comment threads are wide open for discussion, or carry your thoughts over to Facebook and Twitter.

Over the coming weeks we’re looking forward to prising open your imagination and welcoming some of our most travelled friends to answer the burning questions about travel.

Win a trip to Melbourne

To celebrate the launch of the STA Travel Blog, we’ve bumped chests with the top bods at one of our favourite cities, Melbourne, to bring you the chance to win a round trip for you and a friend to Australia’s capital of urban cool.
road to salvation

image courtesy of mugley

The prize includes return flights for two people, accommodation in the city, and a variety of tours and day trips to visit some of Melbourne’s most iconic, and less known sights.

All you have to do, is click this link, and share your opinion to be entered into the draw.

Meet your crew

I’ll leave you with a quick round up of the team:

You’ll be hearing from three of our consultants: Mark, Kim and Heather, as they form the STA Travel Blog’s Ask the Experts panel, answering questions from you about travelling.

Standing beside the panel, will be starry-eyed, Joe Robinson playing the role of consultant to the stars, Joe King.

Look out for our resident deal expert, Francoise, as she rounds up the best deals from STA Travel across the week. Meanwhile, expect a regular feed of inspiring reads from our Editor, Ant Stone.

Which leaves only one person. You. You’re at the very heart of what we do, right here on the blog and beyond to the far reaches of the STA Travel network.

Get involved, by sharing your thoughts, feelings and ideas in the comment threads here on the STA Travel Blog, and share it with your friends.

So there you go, all that’s left to say is that we’re really looking forward to welcoming you into the team, and learning from each other along the way. Be sure to visit regularly, for the latest word on travel, and the best deals to match!