11 Superb Christmas Stocking Fillers

Slip off your stockings, and walk this way people, because Christmas is coming! Yes, that’s right, that annual smattering of tinsel and turkey is upon us, and we all panic that we’ve missed someone off The List. Then the fat fella tumbles down the chimney, and a few hours later we’re all slumped on the sofa in a wildscape of torn paper.

But before any of that happens; I just need to make a few final checks, just to make sure you’re in control of things.

Christmas is coming!

There's no getting away from it… Christmas is coming! | Photo by AlicePopkorn

Remember that stocking you slipped off? Hand it over, because I’m about to slowly fill it with tempting goodies that will bring a rounded smile to travel fans around the country.

Our Favourite Stocking Fillers

Gift Card

What’s better than the gift of giving? Giving the giving the gift of gift card giving! Load ’em up, hand ’em over, and you or your loved one will have a handy kickstart to their travels in 2012. Slip this in your stocking!

Eurostar £59

The perfect gift for the impulsive traveller, who just wants to jump on a train and get stuck into some quickfire travel. Our Eurostar tickets start at just £59, and could land you in Brussels, Paris or Lille in a matter of hours. Slip this in your stocking!

Bangkok Floating Markets fr £38

Do you know anyone heading over to Thailand? Bingo! We’ve got the perfect gift: a guided visit to Damnoen Saduak, Bangkok’s most famous floating market, 100km southwest of the city, including a tour of the region’s largest pagoda, Nakorn Pathom. Slip this in your stocking!

Bondi Surf Experience fr £56

You couldn’t visit Bondi without hitting the surf, right? This is the perfect gift, that could form a foundation for years of surfari’s around the world. Imagine if you kickstarted this for them! Slip this in your stocking!

Hostels to hotels fr £6 per night

What better present to wake up to on Christmas morning, than a string of sleeps? That’s right folks, we have hundreds of sleeps around the world, with prices to fit every budget! Slip this in your stocking!

Add some sparkle to someone's Christmas this year. | Photo by JC i Núria

New York CityPass fr £45

Do you know someone darting across The Pond any time soon? Slip a NY CityPass in their back-burner and you’ll set them up with a visit to six of the Big Apple’s best-loved attraction. Slip this in your stocking!

Tango Show with Dinner fr £62

One step, two step, three step, fall! Do you know someone heading to Argentina? Set them up with an unforgettable evening of local fare, and a flurry of the mighty Tango. Slip this in your stocking!

Cycle Amsterdam fr £30

Fuelled by pedal power and an organic lunch, you’ll be gliding through the city’s red light district, ultra-modern architecture, 15th Century buildings and a microbrewery. Giftalicious! Slip this in your stocking!

Cashcard £19.95, with £10 already loaded!

Giving an STA Travel Cashcard to a traveller is like giving a gummi bear a shot of gummiberry juice; sending them into a gleeful spiral, with the perfect solution to handling their cash while on the road. Slip this in your stocking!

The Highlander fr £34

A wee dram of whisky fuels a full day touring the Scottish countryside around Edinburgh. You’ll be taking in the castles and Highlands, before slamming it all on ‘loch’ on your way back to the capital. Slip this in your stocking!

Cape Peninsula Tour fr £50

Hand over your super cape this Christmas, by gifting your travelling friends with a two-wheeled mini adventure of Cape Town’s most wondrous countryside. Slip this in your stocking!

There’s our round-up of the best festive stocking fillers! Share your favourite gift ideas for travellers in the comments below, and you could make someone’s Christmas sparkle.