High Five… Europe

Ah Europe, the birthplace of Western Culture, home of the coolest fashions, extraordinary architecture, breathtaking scenery, calorie-filled fantastic food and some of the world’s most romantic cities… is there anything Europe can’t offer?

This continent will inject you with a hit of culture that goes straight to the veins, and leave you wanting more and more and more and… yeah you get it.

I’ve been given the almost impossible task of choosing 5 must see, must do, must experience activities in Europe. Jeez, where do I begin…

Five unforgettable Europe Experiences

1 Find some festival fever

As well as hosting some of the biggest and best music festivals, there’s a plethora of other celebratory fun times to be had in Europe; raise a stein at Oktoberfest, join in the world’s largest tomato fight (as opposed to the smallest?!) at La Tomatina or dress up head to orange for Amsterdam’s Queens Day.

2 Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower

J’adore Paris! You can’t go to city of love and not pester a fellow tourist for a photo of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/mum/croissant etc beaming at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Make sure you go right to the peak for the best views; if you’re afraid of heights you can reward yourself with a glass of champagne and a pastry at the top. Totally worth the vertigo!

Shadow People

"Hello! Hellooooooo! I'm at the top of the Eiffel Tower! Hellooooooooo…" | Photo by Elliot Moore

3 Grab a gondola in Venice

What could be better than cruising along Venice‘s world-famous Grand Canal whilst sipping on a cheeky glass of prosecco and being serenaded by your gondolier? Taking in the sights of Rialto Bridge, beautiful Baroque churches and arresting palaces will transform even the most unromantic among you, into starry-eyed and dreamy idealists.

Gondolier in Gondoland

But can he cook perfect spaghetti? | Photo by josemanuelerre

4 Set sail around the Greek Islands

Ahoy there! Sailing the Greek Islands is probably the cheapest and most exciting way to island hop around this Mediterranean heaven. Explore the iconic white-washed villages, swim and snorkel in the clear blue sea and enjoy the bliss of a holiday in pure paradise.

5 Learn the local lingo

Dust off the old GCSE language revision book, and learn the language of your chosen destination in Europe to get an even more authentic experience. Locals really do appreciate it when you make effort with their language, and you never know, it might mean you get an extra large slice of tiramisu for dessert!

So what do you think? Has this High Five got you nodding in agreement or shaking you head with in conflict? Let me know below…