21 Amazing Travel Experiences

We’re not getting any younger. In the time it took you to read this opening couple of lines, you’re already two seconds older. Three, two, one. Now you’re five seconds older. In five seconds time, you’ll be ten seconds older, and in an hours time you’ll be one hour and eleven seconds older than you are right now (I added on a second in case you were a slow reader).

So, with life whizzing by at such a pace, it’s time to make some plans. The kind of plans that will act like rungs on a ladder, allowing you to clamber through the world with a kick in your step.

21 Ways to see the world

Warning! You’re about to be sucked into a whirlwind of inspirational activities, that could majorly influence your life from this day forward. If you have already completed any of the things below, then we need to hear about it in the comment thread below this post. If you are planning on doing any of them in the near future, then we need to hear about your plans.

1. Hike The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is one of the world’s most inspiring treks, and will put you in good stead for a lifetime of unadulterated adventure. Do it now!

2. Drive Route 66

As road trips go, this is the ultimate. Hit as many diners as you can (not literally) along the highways on this classic trans-america sojourn. Do it now!

Hit the road this year, and make tracks on your travel ambitions!

3. Get involved in a volunteer community project

Life isn’t all about what you take out of it; stop a while to give back and you’ll realise how great the world really is. Do it now!

4. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Sink beneath the waters off Queensland, to become startled by gnarly fish and spellbinding sealife. And when you come back up? Top up your tan! Do it now!

5. Visit the North American National Parks

You might think the USA is a slab of urban chaos; but dip outside the city’s and you’ve got a one way ticket to Mother Nature’s larder. Do it now!

6. Learn a Language Abroad

Mainline lingo in your chosen country, with a one way ticket to a world of opportunity. Learn it like the locals this year! Do it now!

7. Island Hop in Fiji

One island. Hop. Two islands. Hop. Three islands. Four. Slap on some suncream, and get your hop on amid the spellbinding Fijian archipelago. Do it now!

8. See Mountain Gorillas in Africa

Rise through the mist for a face off with the enigmatic mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda. This is an overpowering experience. Do it now!

"Make me happy this year, come and visit me. Sniff."

9. Discover Lost Mayan Cities

Learn why they were lost, and join the trend to find them all! These Mayan cities are steeped in legends; and since we heard you are a legend… Do it now!

10. Explore Angkor Wat

Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s chart-topping complex of temples, which you’ll find strewn beneath the magical skies of Southeast Asia. Do it now!

11. Go on Safari in the Masai Mara

Swap spots for strips, and paws for jaws in the incredible Masai Mara, one of Africa’s most cultural safari hotspots. Do it now!

12. Sail Australia’s Whitsundays

Cruise the ocean wave around Australia’s beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Rip open your Captain Jack, and set your life full tilt to the wind. Do it now!

13. Learn to Surf in Australia

Get your goofie on, as you follow the crowds into the surf to land the board skills that squeeze out your inner-cool. Do it now!

14. Campervan in New Zealand

It’s rumoured that the wheel was invented so that backpackers could see New Zealand from the comfort of a campervan. Makes sense to us. Do it now!

15. Skydive in Queenstown

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! Need we say more? Do it now!

16. Hike to Everest Base Camp

Inhale the might of Mount Everest, as you clamber across the shoulders of giants in the awesome Himalaya, to a rocky plateau of tents and yeti watchers. Do it now!

Why start at the bottom, when you can start near the top?

17. Work in a Working Holiday

Bust out of your cubicle, break out of your bar job — this is an experience that pays you for the privilege of wandering free. Do it now!

18. Smoke a Cuban in Havana

Inhale (and exhale very quickly) the essence of Cuba, as you explore the romantic retro of Havana, the country’s historic capital. Do it now!

19. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway

Wind your way from Europe to Asia as you jump aboard the most famous rail journey in the world, via some of the planet’s most enigmatic countries. Do it now!

20. Island hop around Greece

Get your Greek on in the land of the Gods, as you weave your way through the Mediterranean’s most captivating island life. Do it now!

21. Take an Antarctic Voyage

And finally, journey to the ends of the earth as you tackle the land of Frozen Planet, with a trip through the Antarctic wilderness. Do it now!

So, we’ve shown you ours. Now you show us yours! Which of these 21 amazing travel experiences are on your list, and which of them have you already toppled?