High Five… Sydney!

It’s big, it’s brash, it’s beautiful… it’s Sydney! Established in 1788, this city is not only home to two of Australia’s most iconic landmarks — the Harbour Bridge and Opera House — it’s also surrounded by some beautiful National Parks, and boasts an impressive stretch of coastline. What’s not to love?

Regularly voted one of the top ten cities to live, the capital of New South Wales is as schizophrenic as Fight Club’s Tyler Durden; whatever mood you’re in, Sydney will match it.

Five unforgettable Sydney Experiences

So where do you begin in a city that’s all style and all substance? There’s only one thing for it. Buckle up, people, here we go…

1. Clamber up the Harbour Bridge

Head way, way up, to 134 meters above the Sydney Harbour, and get the camera at the ready. Yes it sounds like a cliché, but the views of the city after climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge really are a sight to behold. You’ll be forced to wear a strange — and wholly unattractive — jump suit, but it’s all for health and safety so we’ll just have to let it slide.

Harbour Bridge

Feel the thrill, from the summit of Sydney's Harbour Bridge | Photo by Abeeeer

2. Hit the surf on Bondi

Live your life by the waves and learn to surf on Bondi Beach; there really is no better place to learn. Taking to the waves in Australia is practically a religion and those who do it are worshipped like gods. At least by me. Take the chance to learn all the cool moves, and you’ll be showing off your water skills in no time – this is the best country to learn in by far.

3. Spend the day in solitude at the Blue Mountains

Only a short distance from Sydney, the breathtaking scenery and awesome landscapes of the Blue Mountains need to be discovered. Get absorbed in the amazing wafts of the eucalypt trees that give these mountains their famous blue colour. Plus, you’re very likely to spot a kangaroo in their natural habitat, which is always nice. Right, Skippy?

Blue Mountain View

Beat the Blues, amid New South Wales wondrous landscapes | Photo by Nosha

4. Get a job (it’s way more fun than it sounds!)

At risk of sounding like your mum, getting an Australia Working Holiday Visa and a job would be the best way to ensure you make the most of Sydney. Work in a boutique, a coffee shop, a bar, a club… the possibilities are endless! Australia isn’t the cheapest place on the planet and think of all the extra things you can do with your hard earned cash.

5. See Sydney Harbour by tall ship

Discover Sydney harbour in style! Yes you really can discover the Harbour from the confines of a tall ship. Set sail aboard the Southern Swan, an 1850’s style tall ship that cruises beautiful Sydney Harbour. Get involved and help hoist the sails or sit back, relax and enjoy the views. Ooo arrr me hearties!

What do you think of my ‘High Five… Sydney!’? Spread your words of Sydney wisdom and let us all know what yours would be below…