High Five… Working Holidays in North America!

Taking a working holiday is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Where better to have that experience than in North America? The USA and Canada have something for everyone, whether you’re an outdoors-person, a good-with-children-person, a creative-person, or a not-really-sure-just-yet-kinda-person.

And, at the end of your working holiday, you get to travel around two of the most exciting countries in the world.

With that in mind, this week we’re giving a massive High Five to working holidays in North America! Read on to find out how to land your dream job across the pond.

5 of the best working holidays in North America

Ooh, before we get going, remember that we have super-cheap flights to North America – Check. Them. Out.

Summer camp counsellor in the USA

Two questions: do you have a talent? Does the thought of working with children not make you want to tear your hair out? If you answered yes to both these questions – good news! You could take your talent and teach it to American children at summer camp, an American-as-apple-pie kind of institution.

 Beats temping in an office! Spend the summer working at a summer camp in the USA

You’ll be working between 8-10 weeks in the summer, then you can hit the road and spend you well earned dollars exploring the rest of North America for up to a month.

Run the kitchen at a USA summer camp

Not talented or, more importantly, not crazy about spending all day with children? Work behind the scenes at a USA summer camp instead! Jobs range from running the kitchen, to office manager, to housekeeping, to general maintenance. You’ll get a guaranteed salary of US $1,300, and up to six weeks to enjoy some American road trippin’ once your time at camp comes to an end.

Do a ski season in Canada

Or work in a club…or a bar…or even in an office! Really, you can work anywhere you want, because after securing your IEC visa you can work for up to 12 months in Canada. But, let’s face it, skiing in the Canadian Rockies sounds infinitely more fun than an office, and who doesn’t love snow?

Just a heads up: you’ve got to apply for the IEC visa by 31 March. Let our team guide you through the visa application process, and help you with job hunting, too.

Find an internship in New York

If you’re a full-time university student, you’re in luck. Our Work America programme allows you to spend four months living and working in the good ol’ US of A. What could be better than living out your Mad Men fantasies and getting an internship at a New York ad agency? Immerse yourself in Manhattan like a real New Yorker, and get some invaluable work experience while you’re at it.

Manhattan Hot Dog Stand from the High Line

 Grab a hot dog in Manhattan, like a real New Yorker | Image by joiseyshowaa

Work on a ranch in Texas

If the thought of living in a humungous city like New York just ain’t for you, why not do something completely different and use your American working visa to work on a ranch in Texas? Jobs on a ranch go way beyond riding horses; you could find yourself in charge of a cookout, leading a tour group, or working in the gardens. All amazing CV-boosting skills, so slide on your cowboy boots, and get back to nature in some of the most beautiful spots in North America. Yee-hah!

Have you taken a working holiday in North America? What did you get up to? Let us know all about it, and any tips for would-be workers, in the comments box below.