Revealed: The 2012 STA Travel Oscar Winners!

I’ve seen some pretty amazing things here at STA Travel, but this past few days has been — how shall I put this — flabbergasting. I asked for you to submit your best photos into the inaugural STA Travel Oscars, for a variety of Oscar-inspired categories, including Best Picture, Country in a Supporting Role, and Visual Effects.

Entries flooded in on Twitter; and we gathered them up and piled them in a heap.

Entries poured into our inbox; and we scooped them up and stacked them on the heap.

Entries plastered our Facebook wall; and we peeled them off and threw them on the heap.

And then, we leapt onto the heap and excitedly set about picking champions for each of our chosen categories. This was harder than an Oscar statuette’s golden behind, but we got there — and below these worthless sentences, are the noble winners of the 2012 STA Travel Oscar awards.

2012 STA Travel Oscar Awards

Give them a wave, show your appreciation in the comment thread below, and then show them off via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or anywhere you see fit — they deserve all the credit they can get.

Karl Raven wins this award, for his beautiful photo of a girl working on a chilli farm in Rajasthan

Piera Catalano's iconic picture of the NYC skyline stood out, and swept the Leading Role award.

We love the composition of Iain Montgomery's shot of fishermen on the Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey.

Reisefreunde's shocking image of two girls playing with a gun in Stonetown, Zanzibar wins the documentary award.

Michael Gittings creative take on the theme lands the Music (Original Score) award for this shot at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

Chris Copeland's cheerful shot of a smiley participant at Brisbane's Chinese New Year Street Festival was enough to land first place.

Sophie Muir's high altitude photo earned her the top spot in this year's STA Travel Oscars!
Thank you to everyone who took part! You’ve seriously dazzled us with your creative skills with this year’s STA Travel Oscars. We’ve got some great photo contests coming up here on the STA Travel Blog, so look out for those — and in the meantime, join our new Flickr Group! Right, where’s the after party?