#RTW: Round the Block

Taking a walk around your block, what do you see? Some houses, the odd tree, a man and his dog, maybe a couple of shops? Well not on this block, people! We’re talking turbo-charged, mind-blowing excitement as you take a stroll around what must be one of the most incredible regions in the world — Asia!

This glittering gem of a continent has oodles to offer and, on a route like Round the Block, it’s only the best of the best for you! We’ve focused in on two of its most dazzling regions – the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia — to bring you a spectacular trip that’s filled to the brim with mind-blowing sights, mouth-watering cuisine, picture perfect beaches and brilliantly vibrant culture.

So, hold onto those backpacks as this trip is anything but your average stroll around the block. Unless, that is, you happen to live in some magical world where amazing, technicolour countries just appear out of nowhere every time you turn the corner? I didn’t think so.

But before you jet off and we really get stuck into all the amazing things you can do on this epic route, let’s take a whistle stop tour of all the incredible stops that lay ahead of you on this corker of a trip. Trigger-happy people at the ready; hit that play button and let’s see what you’re in for!

Hit play, and journey along the Round the Block, round the world route!

Destination, Delhi

Aaand you’re off! Zooming away from the grey UK to pastures exciting and new, as you touch down in the heart of India’s hustle and bustle – ding-dong, it’s Delhi!

This city is sure to keep you on your toes as you dodge, duck and dive your way through the buzzing streets, marinating yourself in a concoction of heady spice aromas and taste-busting food.

Delhi is the perfect spring-board for exploring India’s abundant northern charms and there’s no better way to scoop up every one of its delights than with the Uncover India adventure tour. Book onto this trip and a kaleidoscope of colour and culture awaits as you weave your way between the jewel-bright cities of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur and Pushkar, set amongst the steaming sands of the regal Rajasthan desert.

Now, no tour of northern India would be complete without a visit to Agra’s almighty Taj Mahal, would it now? Take some time to pause for thought (and several photos) at the foot of this majestic giant before heading off for a saunter down the banks of the Ganges as you soak up the spirituality of Varanasi’s multicoloured shores.

Swing by Sri Lanka

It’s time to leave the whirlwinds behind as you whoosh on down to the balmy breezes of India’s small, but perfectly formed neighbour, Sri Lanka. This spectacular island is a haven for all things bold and beautiful (and cricket-related for those sporting fans out there), with its blissful beaches and beaming people to cliff-hugging temples, lush hill-side tea stations and delicious local cuisine.

See what all the fuss is about by bagging yourself a spot on the Sri Lanka Encompassed tour, which will ensure you don’t miss a single thing as you loop around all the island’s top sights and most breathtaking scenery, leaving you in no doubt as to why the locals are so proud of their little, tear drop-shaped island. Catching your breath never looked, felt, smelt and tasted so good!

Sweep through Singapore

Next you’ll need to fling off those flip-flops and grab yourself a Singapore Sling as you take a quick skip over the Andaman Sea to land in this super shiny city.

Meander around Singapore’s serene, squeaky-clean streets and mosey through its staggering array of shops before tucking into some of the most lip-smacking grub you could wish for – the locals are simply obsessed by their food, and it won’t take you long to work out why!

As you hot-foot it out of the city you’ll be hit by all the Colours of Asia as you head into the lush green grasses of the Malaysian Peninsula, through the cool hills of the Cameron Highlands, and razzle dazzle of electric Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Book onto this tour where hammock-dozing and photo-posing await you on the crème de la crème of Thai islands, and their powdery beaches, where you can party, snorkel, or simply watch the days wash by from the shade of your palm. You’ll leave with your batteries turbo-charged, just in time for you to slam dunk yourself into the heart of Bangkok.

Bowl into Bangkok

And boy, does this city have one big personality! Party all night and sight-see all day in this town where it’s non-stop from dusk till dawn and dawn till dusk. Once you’ve had your fill of the bright lights, why not turn your tumultuous days on their head, get a feel for real Thai life, and delve into a Meaningful Thailand Experience tour, you can ask your consultant about this one.

The city will feel a world away as you settle into village life and exchange English lessons for Thai on this voluntour that lets you muck in and get stuck in to the local way of life. Unwind as the locals do with a stroll through the elephant village and mind-soothing meditation lessons from resident monks – there’s just no better way to end another truly satisfying day!

Mosey on to Mumbai

For your final stop on this epic trip around the block, it’s back to India to quell your insatiable appetite for this lust-worthy country. This time round it’s magnificent Mumbai on the menu and my oh my, are you in for a mouthful. From stunning architecture to blow-you-away eateries, this sprawling, Bollywood-mad city is chock full of Indian culture and down-to-earth city life for you to get your teeth into.

With glistening Goan beaches and the lush green hills within just a train ride away, don’t let the adventure end and delve into the deep green depths of this magical country and explore all that the beautiful south has to offer.

Wind your way back up to Mumbai as you stuff down that last mind- (and mouth-) blowing curry and squeeze that…last…little…souvenir…into your bulging backpack because it’s time to wave goodbye to this glistening continent and head on back to the real world and your own front door.

One thing is certain, though; taking a walk around your block just won’t be the same again.

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