7 Exciting After Hours Destinations

In a dark dark town there was a dark dark street, in the dark dark street there was a dark dark hostel, in the dark dark hostel there were dark dark stairs, down the dark dark stairs there was a dark dark dorm, and in the dark dark dorm, some travellers lived!

If you didn’t grow up with The Funnybones theme tune, you are probably quite confused by that opening sentence, so I’ll quickly gather myself and get to the point: night time.

Walk into the light… | Photo by Alexis Fam Photography

It’s dark. It’s cool. It’s sexy. That last one, I’m happy to debate over a beer one night.

Step out of the Light

Coming up, are seven of my favourite after dark destinations for you to slip into. They’re places that, in my opinion, are best experienced in the company of an inky night sky. Perhaps you know some more?

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish capital is among one of the world’s most exciting cities to explore at night. The warm glow of street lights vanish into the cracks and cobbles creeping off the Royal Mile, where pubs aplenty offer refuge from the fog. For added thrill-factor, join one of the city’s famous ghost tours, and learn the story of the graveyard pooch, Greyfriar’s Bobby, and other mysterious goings on.

A damp, dark idiotaro.

Immerse yourself in Edinburgh's dark side.| Photo by threefingeredlord

Broome, Australia

Have you ever offered to walk to the moon and back for someone special? It’s (almost) possible in Broome, in Western Australia. This natural phenomenon creates the illusion of a golden staircase reaching to the moon, and is the perfect backdrop to a lively little town in north-western Australia. It occurs once a month, over three consecutive days. The next one starts tomorrow (there’s another kicking off on 7 April).

Las Vegas, USA

Despite some of the brightest lights on the planet, Las Vegas remains the ultimate night time destination, with a wealth of vices on offer, from the glory hunters’ playgrounds, to the glamour of the spectacular shows, Las Vegas is the place to soak up the stars and unstrap your watch. If you’re after a night of nail-biting, hit the town between May 27th and July 9th, with a million dollar final climaxing on July 1st.

Money Tunnel

It could be your lucky night, in Las Vegas.| Photo by Lomo-Cam

Full Moon Party, Australia

Fancy hitting up a little known Full Moon Party, away from the madding crowds of Thailand? Head to Queensland, Australia for Magnetic Island off Townsville. For a string of perfect nights, book yourself into Base Backpackers on Magnetic Island and enjoy the Full Moon Party, before catching a ferry right off the beach to hit the Great Barrier Reef for some thrilling night dives.

Northern Lights, Far North

According to NASA, 2012 is the best year in the past 50, to score one of the most-coveted sights in the world: the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The spectacle can be enjoyed from several places in the far north, including Finland, Sweden, Alaska, Iceland and Norway. But hurry, your chances of snapping the eerie glow, grow thinner as the days lengthen out. Traditionally, your best chance is between December and March.

Aurora IV

Lighten up, in the Arctic Circle. | Photo by Deivis

Niseko Mountain, Japan

There are myriad opportunities to soak up the night in Japan, from the midnight hikes up Mount Fuji, to the famous Tokyo skyline, you’ll never be short of an after hours experience. But for something a little offbeat, hit the floodlit slopes of Niseko Mountain for a stint of night snowboarding, before getting stuck into some Eastern style apres piste action.

Cambodian Jungle

The jungle might be the last place you want to find yourself at night, but done properly, and with a little careful planning, you’ll discover one of Mother Nature’s most promising vices. Cambodia is an ideal place to curl up in a hammock, and listen closely as the call of the wild sheds its daytime trill, to take on an eerie echo as the night falls around you.

Where’s your favourite place in the world to explore at night? Throw your opinion down in the comments, and inspire others with what you know about the world’s best after dark destination!