What's your favourite #rtw80ways experience?

We’re going a bit crazy over all things to do with round the world travel right now. We just can’t get enough of looking at photos and hearing tales from people’s trips. It’s a healthy addiction, we think you’ll agree. And we need you to help us fuel it. We’ve even come up with a hashtag, #rtw80ways, for you to share your favourite round the world experiences.

Show us your pics!

We want you to share your most inspiring photos from your travels with us.

It won’t just be us ogling them, though. We’ll profile them on our Facebook page for the world to enjoy, plus our favourite photos from across week will be singled out for their very own post, right here on the STA Travel Blog.

To submit your photo, all you have to do is share it on one of our favourite photo apps, Instagram, and — here’s the important bit — tag it with the mighty #rtw80ways hashtag.

Give us a tweet

We also want to hear about your round the world trips! Whether you’ve just got back, are away right now, or simply want to re-live a hazy travel memory… let us know about it!

Tweet us, and include that sexy hashtag #rtw80ways, and your words could find their way onto our Facebook page among the Instagram love.

That’s right, you can get your tweets and IG’s right through to the Facebook massive. Which, means, that you can use your Instagrams and tweets to make up part of an evolving piece of travel art, very similar to the one below (only way cooler!):

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to be inspired by your round the world photos, stories, and memories!

Got any questions? Whack ‘em in the comments thread below. Remember to tag your photos and tweets with #rtw80ways, or we won’t see them!