High Five… Summer Sailing!

Ahoy there, me hearties! We’ve got some news for all you landlubbers. Camping is so last year. Road trips? So 2011, people. And don’t even get us started on trekking, cycling, or elephant rides.

This summer, there’s a new travelling trend in town: say hello to the sailing adventure.

Swap wilting grass and grey tarmac for beautiful turquoise waters, and discover places you never knew existed in the way only a journey on a boat allows.

A sailing adventure is a truly unique experience, and one that we reckon everyone should do at least once in their lives. So, we’re giving it a big High Five, and counting down five of our favourite sailing trips to make in the summer.

Five places that summer sailing was made for

1. Greece

There’s no better way to experience Greece’s thousands of islands than by sailing around them. Not only is it more affordable than flying, nothing beats the view you get of the islands when you approach them at sea.

Looking for a great night out? Then don’t miss Mykonos in the Cyclades or Kos in the Dodecanese islands. Santorini’s sunset is consistently voted the most beautiful in the world, so make sure you go and judge for yourself.

We’ve got so many sailing tours of the Greek islands – you could join a group trip, or grab a flexible island hopping pass and plan your own itinerary. Even better, we’ve got 25{8105bc8a7da0e4ee2985a05e217cd0e1bef95b551bf8bafd62a449e444182173} off sailing tours in Greece right now! What are you still doing on dry land?!

Check out the legendary sunset in Santorini

2. Turkey

It’s not often you get a destination that combines sun, sea and a great party scene with so much history and culture. But Turkey manages it, and then some. And to really get to the bottom of it all, you just have to explore by boat.

Take a boat to the ancient Lycian rock tombs, stop at some mud baths and relax in some hot springs. Go cruising round some enchanting islands, see one of the most spectacular beaches in the world at Sedri Adasi, and when the sun gets too much – jump into the Med, of course! Sigh, this is the life. Even better, we’ve got 2 for 1 on our favourite sailing tours in Turkey right now.

3. Thailand

Is there anywhere on earth more beautiful than the Thai islands? The backpackers that have been coming here for decades certainly don’t think so, and who could blame them? But to really enjoy the islands, you’ll need to escape the masses and take to the sea.

We’ve got loads of sailing trips available in Thailand; you could sail from Koh Samui before sailing the Gulf down to party on Koh Pha Ngan and ending up in diving mecca Koh Tao. Or flip coasts and go from Phuket to Phi Phi. Yes please.

Paradise? No, it's the Thai islands!

4. Bay of Islands in New Zealand

If you’re thinking of spending a summer in New Zealand, then you can’t leave without a sailing trip in the natural beauty of the Bay of Islands.

Take a cruise to the more remote islands to take a serene swim, or make a day trip out to Cape Reinga, New Zealand’s most northern point. You don’t even have to stick to the yacht, either – try some kayaking for some close-up ocean action.

5. Croatia

Sailing around the beautiful Adriatic just may be the closest thing you get to heaven. Throw in the fact Croatia is awesomely fun, sunny and cheap, and you may never want to come home.

To see it in style, hop on one of our sailing trips and take in the 1,185 islands dotted along the Dalmation coast. You’ll explore the old town in Split, climb a fortress, and party til dawn in a blue cave (really).

Have we got you inspired to hit the open waters? Come and talk to us about our sailing deals – we’ll hook you up with flights there, too! Have you been on a sailing adventure of a lifetime? Tell us aaall about it in the comments box below.