Let’s talk… Nepal!

It’s long been a traveller’s dream destination – and for good reason. With its perfect mix of testing adventure, rich history, immersing culture and lush nature it’s easy to become captivated by Nepal.

Whether you choose to don your hiking boots and head skyward or hang out with a Sadhu and get back to your spiritual core, we guarantee that you’ll be glad you came – we can’t make the same promise when it comes to leaving though…

Join us as we count down the top experiences in Nepal!

Nepal - Kathmandu - 017 - Sadhus at Pashupatinath Temple

 Get ready to dive into Nepal | Image by mckaysavage

Five of our favourite experiences to have in Nepal

1. Roam Kathmandu

Set deep within a valley in the mighty Himalayas lies the hustle and bustle of glorious Kathmandu.

Navigate your way through the narrow winding streets and buzzing market places, dodging random cattle and rogue mopeds as you go. Stop off in little hidden street cafes to try cheap and incredibly tasty traditional food, and absorb the rich history on offer on every corner. Durbar Square – where Napoli kings are crowned and literally meaning ‘a place of palaces’ – is a great place to start. Don’t miss the traveller ghetto of Thamel for an abundance of guesthouses, restaurants and shops.

2. Get your temple on

Going to Nepal and not visiting a temple is like going to Vegas and avoiding the slots – you just can’t, and shouldn’t, do it. You’ll find temples everywhere, from market areas, to the tops of mountains, and even inside holes in the walls of buildings.


Explore some of Nepal's beautiful temples | Image by gregw66

The Swayambhunath, also known as the Monkey Temple, is home to hundreds of holy monkeys (of course!)! Keep your packed lunch close and your wallet even closer – these artful dodgers are very cute but super swift at relieving you of your loose possessions.

The World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara sits regally on top of a huge hillside, offering incredible views over Pokhara city and the Annapurna mountain range.

The holiest, and most impressive, temple in all of Nepal, the Pashupatinath, sits on the banks of the Bagmati River in the eastern Kathmandu. A section of the temple is accessible only to Hindus, but non Hindus can view that part from the other side of the river.

3. Go tiger hunting…

Dig out your walking boots and perfect your best David Attenborough impression for a visit to sprawling Chitwan National Park.

Home to 450 species of birds, 45 species of reptile and 43 species of mammal including the largest concentration of tigers and rhinoceros in the world, you never quite know what’s around the next bush!

Cruise down croc infested rivers in canoes made from hollowed out trees trunks and dodge spider webs as you traipse through the jungle; a real adventure through nature.

4. Visit Buddha’s Birthplace

The world heritage site of Lumbini is a small, sleepy town with a very big claim to fame. Thousands of Buddhists make the pilgrimage here every year to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha, giving it a sublime feeling of calmness and spirituality, and making it a great place to visit during your time in Nepal.

Conveniently situated near the border with Northern India, it’s the perfect gateway to take your trip cross country. Check out our Kathmandu to Delhi adventure tour as an option for combining all the highlights.

5. Climb a (very big) mountain

A mecca for trekkers, the mighty mountains of the Himalayas aren’t for the faint-hearted. Trekking this region is one mammoth task; whether you tackle the mother of all mountain ranges, the Annapurnas, or attempt the super challenging Everest Base Camp, every emotion will be tested and every muscle used.

That said, for all the effort you put in you will reap amazing rewards. The crisp, super fresh air, incredible mountain views and the feeling of achievement you get from being quite literally on top of the world can’t be beaten.

For those that like their mountain views with a dose of taxi included, the image of the sun rising over the Annapurna range from Sarangkot near Pokhara is just incredible.

Have we tickled your fancy? Get thee to Nepal! Find out more about what to do with our handy Nepal destination guide.