#RTW: Bangkok Boomerang

What can you expect from a round the world route called the Bangkok Boomerang? Well, you can expect to go to Thailand, obviously. But remember, a boomerang’s path is never completely straight. And this one is no exception.

Give this boomerang a throw, and it’ll ricochet off Dubai, swoop into Bangkok, whoosh into Sydney, bounce off New Zealand, touch down in Melbourne, hurtle backwards to Malaysia and spin into Dubai, again, ‘cos it loved it so much the first time.

Want to play with the Bangkok Boomerang? Let’s watch it do its thing on the Tripline below:

Yep, this boomerang opens up a world of opportunity. In fact, it has a mind of its own. It’s totally flexible, and can take you wherever you want to go. Here are some ideas for making the most of one of our favourite round the world routes.

Boomerang your way around the world

Dive into Dubai

The Bangkok Boomerang is hurtling into Dubai, with you on board! Often overlooked by travellers on a budget, Dubai isn’t all 7 star hotels and rich people, y’know.

Grab some cheap accommodation and head out into the deserts. Our Desert Safari tour will have you soaring over sand dunes, riding on camels, sampling the shisha and bell-dancing by a BBQ. And it’ll only set you back around £55. Who said Dubai had to be expensive?

Bowl into Bangkok

Out of the desert and into the Venice of the East – say Sawatdee to Bangkok! It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s your first taste of Southeast Asia. Once you’ve sampled Bangkok, you’ll want to delve deeper into this amazing region.

Bangkok: your gateway to Southeast Asia

Our month-long Indochina Discovery tour is a great place to start. It’ll take you out of Thailand, into Cambodia, across into Vietnam and down into Laos, before heading back into the north of Thailand for some elephant trekking and exploring. This is what Southeast Asia is all about.

Get your swagger on for Sydney

Next up? You’re swooping down into Sydney, mate! There’s really no better place to kick off your Aussie adventure. Soak up the sun on Bondi, get your adrenaline fix climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and fall in love with this laid-back city. Then, grab a hop-on hop-off bus pass and hit the road, Jack. Cruise up to Cairns and over into the Red Centre, stopping off to do some once-in a-lifetime diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

Swing by New Zealand

Take a deep breath – you’re in New Zealand! Your adventure kicks off on the South island down in Christchurch. Bungee jump, sky dive, whit water raft and generally go adrenaline sport crazy – there’s no better place in the world than New Zealand to do it.

Be inspired by New Zealand

You’ll need to get up to Auckland for your next flight, so take it as a sign to go on a mammoth road trip! Hire a campervan and do it your way, or grab a hop-on hop-off bus pass and let us do it for you (hey, you’re on holiday, after all).

Hot foot it to Melbourne

It’s back to the land Down Under! This time, Melbourne will be your temporary home, so head south, onto the Great Ocean Road and over into Adelaide.

Be a beach bum in Melbourne

Fancy setting foot where (not as many) backpackers have gone before? Then join our Nullarbor Wildlife Safari and head over to Perth via some seriously beautiful natural sights, and learn to surf along the way, too.

Chill out in Kuala Lumpur

It’s back to Asia as you make your way back East. Malaysia’s capital city is a melting pot of nationalities, cultures, and flavours. Want to see it all? Then join our Kuala Lumpur City Tour, that will cut out all the hard work and show you all the city’s highlights in one wonderful day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the street food.

Dubai Take Two

You loved it so much the first time, you just had to come back for more! This time, why not head further afield and step across the border into Oman? The Musandam Peninsula is just a few hours from Dubai, where you can experience some of the most unspoilt diving in the world. And you thought the Middle East was one big desert…

Feeling inspired? You, too, could be boomeranging all over the world! Check out the Bangkok Boomerang page, and then give our wonderful Travel Experts a call on 0800 988 4248, or pop into one of our stores, and we’ll get your travel planning off to a flying start.