WIN a job on the Great Barrier Reef!

It stretches over 1400 miles along some of the world’s most spectacular coastline. It’s home to over 1500 different species of fish, and a third of the world’s soft coral. It covers an area of over 130,000 sq miles. It can only be one place: the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia’s Sunshine State, Queensland.

And in a little while, I’m going to tell you how you could land yourself a job, right on top of it.

That’s right, as part of our Live Like an Aussie campaign, we’re giving away seven dream jobs, including the chance to work as a dive instructor or cook, on the world’s most famous coral reef.

If you win the job, you’ll be cruising above (and below) the Pacific Ocean, either teaching visitors to scuba dive, or whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

Coming up, I’ll explain a little more about this amazing opportunity, plus, I’ll give you a snapshot of what else is on offer for working holiday makers in Queensland.

More info on this amazing prize!

The prize includes the requisite 12-month Working Holiday Visa, meaning you can work for an entire year (entrants must be eligible) in Australia.

On top of this, you’ll take up a 3-6 month paid position with ProDive Cairns, one of Australia’s leading dive companies. And when we say paid, we don’t mean minimum wage — this job comes with a salary of over £100 a day!

The job will offer one lucky winner the chance to dive head first into a new life, beside the incredible Great Barrier Reef! If you’re PADI-certified, you’ll score a job as a scuba dive instructor; if not, grab an apron, and we’ll hook you up with a job in the galley, as the ship’s cook.

And this ship isn’t any old ship; it’s a fully equipped, modern live-aboard, which sets sail for some of the GBR’s most celebrated dive spots on fully catered three-day, two-night trips.

Expect to see and experience things that are beyond your wildest dreams; both above and below the ocean’s shimmering surface. This a wonderland of unimaginable beauty, at one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

How to enter the competition

We want to offer everyone (eligible for an Aussie working holiday visa) the chance to win, so we’ve made it incredibly easy. No interviews. No paperwork. No CV.

All you need to do, is visit the STA Travel Facebook Page, where Ned & Norma, our buzzy “career advisers” await. They’ll walk you through a fun entry process (don’t worry, no skills necessary!) and make sure you get your name in the running for the chance to win this working holiday in Australia.

Visit our Live Like an Aussie app on Facebook, click ‘Enter’, and select Queensland (the bright pink chunk in the top right) to follow the instructions.

It will take you around 30 seconds, and could well be the best thing you do today!

More info on Working Holidays in Queensland

Win or lose, if you decide to take a working holiday in Queensland, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The state has a fantastic blend of bright, popular coastal towns, and historic Outback towns, as well as stoic, resilient settlements in the Far North, that offer excellent alternatives for adventure.

Some of the more accessible work available in the state includes fruit picking. With abundant work on farms and orchards, the state offers plenty of jobs for fruit picking and harvesting of tropical fruit and vegetables.

Work can be found in the hinterlands, large areas of terrain and farm land along Queensland, only 40 minutes from the coast line. Bundaberg, four hours north of Brisbane, employs fruit-pickers between April and December, travel north from May to November to Townsville to work as a mango-pickers.

For a more authentic experience, consider seeking work as a Jillaroo or Jackaroo on a cattle station.

A typical day could include mustering cattle by either horse or motorbike, building or repairing fences, working cattle in yards including branding, earmarking and vaccinating, as well as maintenance work of odd jobs around the homestead, welding gates, driving trucks, checking on watering points or working on engines.

A farm-stay at Wainui, a 3.5 hour drive from Brisbane near Toowoomba, employs approximately 16 staff, including feed millers, stock-people and farmers.

Elsewhere, take up the challenge to become a qualified lifeguard at Surfers Paradise, or stick to what you know, and take a job in one of the 100s of hostels along Queensland’s coast.

What are you waiting for? Get the lowdown on Working Holidays in Queensland, or try your luck and enter the competition on Facebook! It could change your life.