7 Gorgeous Places to Go Glamping

Glamping is the newest, coolest, and most glamourous way to stay outdoors. Yes, it can cost a little more – ok, quite a lot more in some cases – than your average tent, but as a perfect combination of rustic outdoorsieness (yes that’s a word!), and chic luxury, it’s becoming massively popular all over the world. Think camping but with a place to plug in your phone and a massively reduced risk of creepy crawlies disturbing your slumber.

It’s my new obsession, and the reason I’ve decided to bring you my top glamping hot spots from around the world.

Fair enough, it’s probably not a sustainable way of travelling the world but it’s a whole lot more special than your average room in a 12 bed hostel dorm that’s for sure, and the perfect chance to give yourself a treat after a few weeks or months of roughing it, and a great opportunity to experience a location in a unique way.

Adventur Camp, Atacama Desert, Chile

Our Guide To Global Glamping

Adventur-Camp, Swimmers In The Desert, Atacama Desert, Chile

The dazzling Atacama Desert in northern Chile is one of the world great wildernesses. Sit under a blanket of stars and feel like the only people in the world as you experience the ultimate peace and tranquillity next to a roaring fire in the cold desert night.

The Adventur-Camp has 10 bell tents, each one is decorated with natural and locally produced fittings and heated to feel comfortable in the chilly, desert evening air. The perfect camping experience for those that don’t like camping!

Your trip into the desert can deliver large rolling sand dunes, mighty volcanoes, valley lakes and cloud skimming mountain scenery as well as showers, proper bathrooms and yummy food cooked over an open fire – the perfect trip into nature if you ask me!

Adventur Camp, in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Scarabeo Camp (Stone camp), Morocco

Imagine this, you’re sat on comfy cushions in a Bedouin style camp, watching the sun go down and breathing in the warm, Moroccan air, while eating tagine cooked with fresh, local ingredients in authentic clay tagine pots over a man made desert fire, all at the feet of the imposing Atlas mountains. It’s hard to imagine a more inspiring setting.

It’s what travelling is all about. Getting back to basics and really absorbing the places you visit and the situations you find yourself in, Morocco in general is a great place to visit and experience a side of life so different to our own but camping in the desert is the ultimate touch of peaceful paradise.

And let’s face it, what could make an experience like this even better? The guarantee of a good night’s sleep and a warm bed, once the cold night creeps in and the fire has burned out of course. That’s what makes glamping in the desert so special.

Stone camp at Scarabeo Camp. Image courtesy of Sven Laurent @ Let Me Shoot For You

Palmar Tent Lodge, Bocas Del Torro, Panama

Neatly tucked away in a heavenly sport between rainforest and the crystal clear waters of the Carribean are the eco friendly tents of Palmar Tent Lodge, Panama. Spend your days hiking and exploring the surrounding beaches and reefs or just chilling in a hammock with a cocktail and grabbing some serious bronzing time.

Falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle, while tucked up in a comfy bed, under a large, sturdy tent makes this place an incredible rest bite on a central American adventure.

 The beautiful Palmar Tent Lodge, Panama

Sundance Lodges Canada

Ever stayed in a Tipi in the middle of the Canadian Rockies? No? well now’s your chance!

Just a short walk from the Kananaskis River lies a campsite full of tipis, smack bang in the middle of the stunning Canadian landscape. An awesomely, unusual experience that plants you right in the middle of some of the most incredible scenery in the world.

Also, Canada is adventure country, so you can get busy Kayaking, rock climbing, rafting, mountain biking, trekking and fishing during the day time while spending your nights tucked up inside the beautifully hand painted, secluded tipis in the middle of deepest darkest Canada.

Sundance Lodges, Glamping at it's best in the Canadian Rockies

Hintok River Camp at Hell fire pass, Thailand

Situated on an incredible spot near the River Kwai in the mid west of Thailand in Kanchanaburi province, is a retreat neatly snuggled within dense jungle and overlooks the famous river. It’s extreame closeness to Hell Fire pass the renound WW2 railway cutting add an extra special element of historical interest.

A great place to be as active or as in active as you please, you can choose to chill out with some sun bathing or a massage or join in with canoeing, trekking, elephant riding, bamboo rafting or trip to the amazing Lawa caves.

It will, without a doubt, be something completely different to the madness of Bangkok or Haad Rin in Koh Phangan, but this is glamping in it’s truest form a little luxury in the middle of the very basics of nature.

Chill out in between beach parties with some jungle glamping. Hintok River Camp @ Hell Fire Pass

Ketchups Bank Glamping, Queensland, Australia

Now I must admit this one comes at more of a cost than the usual, run of the mill, Aussie hostel but they don’t call it glamping for nothing! Experience your very own 5* hotel room smack bang in the middle of the great outdoors.

Except what this has that most upmarket hotel rooms don’t have, is the possibility of some wallaby visitors wandering past your door in the evening dusk or a camp fire ripe for mashmallow toasting right next to your king size bed.

If you visit during the late winter and early spring you could see Koalas migrating across the Eucalypt trees right outside your next front door too.

Experience Aussie bush living in style. Image Courtesy of Ketchups Bank Glamping

Hidden Valley Glamping, Andalucia, Spain

A beautiful, boutique hotel meets the rustic Spanish outdoors. This glamping site based just 20mins walk from the beautiful town of Alora, which has a handful of authentic tasty tapas bars, swimming pools, resturants and beautiful, traditional Spanish architecture.

The site sits in the stunning olive groves of the Monte Hacho natural park and sierra, in Andelucia; where you can see deer, chameleons, lizards and flocks of birds right on your new, green doorstep. The surrounding area is great for adventurers with horseriding and rock climbing activities a plenty.

The space-age dome-like tent and are dotted throughout the olive grove, easily sleep two people and are furnished with storage trunks, bedside tables, rugs and chairs, solar lanterns and stylish bedding.

Individual solar showers and spacious ‘outback’ toilet tents next to each dome to provide that true, camping feeling.

One of the dome tents in Hidden Valley Glamping.
Any of these tickle your fancy? Then check out our cheap flights and go get your glamp on!