The answers to 8 frequently asked customer service questions

Our customer service team are a hard working bunch, they sit up at their desks in our Manchester office carefully and skillfully wading through requests, questions and feedback from our customers 7 days a week.

Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes people do have complaints to make, and our team are great at dealing with them quickly and efficiently, but, most of the time they are busy answering the many burning questions that come with planning an exciting trip overseas.

So, in the name of combating those niggling questions, our Customer Services team manager Nicola has provided us with the top questions asked by STA Travel customers and dished out the answers to help your trip run smoothly. Who knows maybe there an answer to a question you didn’t know you had yet?

Where can I find my baggage allowance?

Luggage allowance can be different depending on which airline you are flying with, but each airline has their luggage allowance details on their website.

For hand luggage, new rules introduced in January 2008 mean that guidelines will vary between different airports and airlines. It’s best that you check with your airline or departure airport for specific details or with BAA (British Airport Association)

What is my e-ticket?

The majority of airlines now issue e-tickets (electronic tickets) to avoid the chance of paper versions getting lost or stolen.

So now, no physical ticket is issued – your itinerary acts as your ticket. You just need to take this with you when checking in and that is enough to get you your boarding pass.

Can I check-in online?

Some airlines allow online check in before travel. To check if the airline you are flying with does, visit their website.

To check in online you’ll need your airline reference, which can be found on your booking confirmation/itinerary.

Can I re-route my ticket?

If you have paid in full but haven’t started travelling yet:

It’s often possible to change the date on your ticket but you’ll need to refer to your receipt first for the conditions and fees applicable for your particular airfare and contact the branch where you booked to make a change.

If you booked on the internet you can get in touch with our customer services team on 0871 230 8482 and select the option for date changes and cancelations
(calls cost 10 per minute plus network extras)

*Important – If you want to amend the first flight from the UK on a round the world/multistep ticket it’s important to know that it’s the initial outbound date out of the UK that determines the price and if your new chosen date falls in another ‘season’ with different conditions there may be a significant increase in price.
Also you will not be able to make a change outside the maximum validity of a ticket. Any amendments are subject to availability.

Once you have started travelling:

Not all tickets are reroutable and any flight changes are subject to availability. However there are a large number of flights that can be re routed. You’ll need to complete an online request form to change a route once you have left the UK.

I am travelling, how do I date change my ticket?

Again, not all flights dates are changeable and any changes are subject to availability. Full details on your ticket’s restrictions can be found on your receipt. You’ll need to complete an online request for this too – but our Global Travel Help team will get back to you within 48hours.

Multiflex tickets are a great way to minimise the cost of changing your flight dates. A multiflex pass loaded with 3 date changes will set you back £59 and a multiflex pass offering unlimited changes is £99. So it could end up saving you heaps in the long run if you want the freedom to amend your plans while you’re away.

How do I make an insurance claim?

To make an insurance claim (on STA Travel insurance policies) contact Towergate Chase Parkinson. They are the insurance underwriters and you can contact them by calling 0870 906 3144 or by emailing

You can access and download the full policy documents from our website. The link to the policy page is at the bottom of the page and will take you directly to a page where you can see the policy wordings for our different types of policies.

I’ve ordered an ISIC Card, what happens next?

If you bought your card in branch you will be able to take it away with you on the day you bought it.

If you bought your card from our call centre or online, you’ll need to send proof of your full time student status (i.e an ID card or letter on headed Uni paper) along with your name and date of birth to:

ISIC Applications, STA Travel, St Georges House, 56 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 3NQ

Once we’ve received your proof of status we’ll post your ISIC card directly to you so you should receive it within 14 days.

What terminal am I flying from at Heathrow?

For details of which airline departs from which terminal at Heathrow, you should check their website.

Thanks Nicola. If you have a burning customer services question that hasn’t been answered here, check out the FAQ’s on our website or drop the team an email.