The Travel Gauntlet: Joe vs Sally

Forget the Olympics, the biggest competitive event of the fortnight is going on right here. And don’t fret, because there’s enough tickets for everyone! In fact, you don’t even need a ticket; the more spectators, the better. Travel enthusiasts of the world, may I introduce…(drum roll)… The Travel Gauntlet!

Today, two braver than brave competitors will step into the Travel Gauntlet, each answering 5 questions that will push their travel knowledge, expertise and general witty-story-telling skills to the test.

The Travel Gauntlet opens its doors every fortnight, so if you want to take part, drop me, the Keeper of the Gauntlet, an email and I’ll get back to you with some challenging questions of your very own.

Now, let’s get this Gauntlet started!

In the red corner, it’s…

Store manager Joe Robinson (aka Joe King) from STA Travel Bath! Here he is drinking from a teapot (why not, eh?).

Joe enjoys a well deserved cuppa after a hard day's work being a travel guru

And in the blue corner, it’s…

Travel enthusiast and blogger Sally Stephenson, who’s currently living the dream in New Zealand! Here she is at Palm Beach in Sydney, aka TV’s Summer Bay. Altogether now: Hold me in your arms, don’t let me go, I want to stay forever…

Closer each day... Home and Away...

Step into the Travel Gauntlet

Joe, Sally – the Travel Gauntlet will see you now…

  Joe Robinson, Manager at STA Travel Bath Travel lover Sally Stephenson
Where’s next on your travel wishlist? Either Latin America or a safari through Western Africa. I’ve just moved to New Zealand and realised that I’m only 3 hours away from the Pacific Islands so I’m hoping to go to Cook Island and Vanuatu before I leave next year.
Where’s your perfect weekend destination? For a weekend (if it’s a long weekend) I don’t think you can go anywhere better than Amsterdam! If it’s by myself I usually like heading down to a nearby beach for a surf, if it’s with a group of friends then Bangkok proved to be a very good time!
Backpacker or flashpacker? Backpacker. I’m not a fan of over-technologising (shut up, that’s a word…) travelling. I’d definitely say take an iPod, and I guess a phone is important (even then I would never have it turned on unless I specifically needed it), but beyond that you don’t need anything! Somewhere in between, I like the comfort of hotels but hostels are great for meeting people.
Which stamp in your passport is your favourite? I like Cambodia and Fiji. Cambodia is my favourite place in the world, so let’s say there! My visa stamp for Australia.
Flying solo, as a two, or a crew? I’ve only ever really travelled solo, but I would quite like to go as a duo and see how that goes! I usually go solo but I had a great time going round Bangkok with some friends so I like a mixture – all depends on who you’re with!

Well mop your collective brow with a towel, Joe and Sally! You pushed your love for travel to the limit and did yourselves and your country proud. Thanks for taking part!

Want to take on the Travel Gauntlet? Step up to the challenge – email us and you could be the next star of the STA Travel Blog.