Do we Have the Most Famous Customers in the World?

As a lover of X Factor, Heat magazine and pretty much all things celeb, I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t get just a little bit giddy with excitement at the thought of a real life, celeb spot.

Last week, I saw Jason Orange from Take That walking towards me through Hyde Park and I almost reverted straight back in to my screaming, and very uncool, 13 year old, boyband obsessed self and, ahhhhh, he’s still just as beautiful now as he was then. *Ahem*, anyway I digress…

Alert the Paps! Toadfish is in the house!

With over 30 years of business behind us and 46 stores across the UK, it’s inevitable that our hard-working store staff would have served the odd celeb or two over the years.

So, as a seasoned spotter, and a first class nosey parker, I’ve gone celeb spotting STA Travel style, and asked our staff to tell me who is the most famous person they have served during their time working behind the desk in one of our stores.

Get ready for a taste of the A-list and a whole heap of other, slightly more random, but equally as legendary spots.

STA Travel’s Celebrity Customers

Kate Rowe, our Regional Sales Manager for London used to work In our University of London and Victoria branches and remembers a couple of pretty awesome spots.

“It was Toadfish from Neighbours – he was here doing panto and he bought an easyJet flight to Sicily, a nights accommodation, and insurance. Then, when I worked in Victoria, I booked Louis Walsh’s flights for the X Factor auditions from Belfast to Manchester and London.”

John Flowers is the manager of our Ealing store and also used to work in the Russell Square store in London.

“Russell Square’s a great celeb spotting branch! Karl Pilkington, Warwick Davis, Freddy Flintoff, Krishnan Guru-Murthy (C4), Peter Mandelson and some guy from Blue?? Have all been in.”

It's like the green room at the Jonathan Ross show at STA Travel, kind of (but not really). Image courtesy of nito /

Tim Fryer, our Product Trading Director, used to work in store and get top marks for serving a bit of a legend (and I don’t mean Simon Amstell)

“I served Simon Amstell, he was flying off to Italy and staying in some nice hotels also I served Gabriel Byrne from the Usual Suspects.”

Karolina Rudd is the manager of our High Street Kensington store in London and bags, what I believe to be, the most impressive anecdote of all

“A few years ago, when I was managing the Store St store, one of my staff booked Eurostar ticket for Ricky Gervais. What made the situation hilarious was that the consultant was an Australian girl, who had recently moved to UK, so she had no idea who he was. She went through all the usual questions: Are you a student? Are you under 26? What is your name? How do you spell that? After that day, every time Ricky would pass our office he would wave to us”

Maybe we should get one of these for every store...Image courtesy of RoidRanger /

Even STA Travel Head Honcho, Managing Director John Constable, is getting in on the celeb spotting fun.

Back in the days when he was working in store, before he rose to the dizzy career heights of ‘boss of everything’ (well at STA Travel at least) He is the proud owner of what is, without a doubt, my own personal favourite of all the spots, and no it’s not just because he’s the boss and I have to say that, it’s because, as a west country girl, there are few celebs I love more than the wurzels.

“Back in the days when I sat behind the desk serving, I booked the following; all Australia bound! Emily Symons (Marilyn from Home and away) Stefan Dennis (Paul in Neighbours) and Rod Hull (Minus Emu) and clutching at straws I also served The Wurzels and for their tour of Australia back in the late 90’s!”

Clare de Bono works in our Bristol store and can count these 2 key figures of musical popular culture in her client list

“Emily Eavis (daughter of Michael Eavis & co-organiser of Glastonbury) as well as all the WOMAD crew including Peter Gabriel & the Drummers of Burundi”

But last word has to go to Natalie James Manager of our Deansgate store in Manchester, may have just trumped everyone…

“Carly the new Deansgate apprentice served Sam, one of the twins from Big Brother 8 (Sam and Amanda) she is planning a RTW trip with us!”

So there you have it, they may not read like an Oscar party guest list, but that’s a succinct ‘who’s who’ of STA Travel’s celeb customers. For more of the same make sure you subscribe to the STA Travel blog