How to Keep Your Skin in Top Condition While Travelling

As much fun as travelling is, it can play absolute havoc with your skin. Late night partying, excess sun exposure and dehydration are just 3 of the many things your skin has to endure while you’re off having all that awesome fun, and lets face it we all want to look our best during what will probably be the most epic time of our lives.

So, with this in mind, I called upon the superior knowledge of trusted skin care experts to share some advice for taking care of your skin while you’re travelling. Helen Ambrosen, Co-Founder, Product Inventor and all round skincare expert at Lush, is about to give you her top 10 tips for keeping your skin in top condition; yep that’s right, I’ve gone right to the very top on this one.

If the tips you’re about to read seem like a lot of hard work, don’t fret! If the thought of keeping up with this lot while you’re away makes you break out in a cold sweat, just choosing a couple of tips from the list below and spending 5 minutes prepping your skin before you leave the hostel could make all the difference…

Helen’s top tips for glowing travel skin

Protect your skin from the effects of the sun to keep it looking fresh

Protect your skin from the sun

Put your sunscreen on before you go out – most people do it after they’ve gone out – but put sunscreen on before to avoid being exposed to UVA and UVB rays.

Preventing ageing

Don’t leave home without sunscreen and don’t forget to wear a hat. Almond and hibiscus oils give vitamins C and E, and an array of lovely ingredients moisturise and hydrate; Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Starflower Oil, Hibiscus Seed Oil and Candelilla Wax.

Toning the skin

Toner tabs are great for travelling as they are a solid product and are very compact. Or if you prefer a spritzer, Breath of Fresh Air toner water is also wonderful, as it contains carrageenan, a seaweed extract from Irish Moss, which means it won’t dry out the skin.

Helen recommends Breath of Fresh Air toner to stop your skin from drying out

Moisturising the body

Moisturise directly after bathing or showering as then the skin doesn’t dehydrate.

Cleansing the skin

When you are travelling, your skin will be working hard so make sure you’ve got a gentle, not over effective, cleanser. Something mild, but very effective is great for extreme travelling – all sports, all weathers.

Exfoliate the skin

Every girl wants a smooth bottom. Use a good exfoliating particle but combined with a rich butter or oil. Buffy body butter is perfect for this – it contains ground almonds and cocoa butter, and was inspired by beautiful Brazilian women who rub sand on their bodies to avoid cellulite.

 Exfoliating will help keep your skin smooth

Moisturising the face

If you’re travelling make sure you’ve got the right moisturiser for you. If you are travelling in a hot climate or exposed to the sunshine, ensure your moisturiser has a sun screen, as if it doesn’t, your face can fry and burn.

Keeping the skin cool

Be sensible. If the sun is really hot and uncomfortable don’t sit in it. Take cool showers and cool baths and use lovely body lotions which really moisturise and are easily absorbed.

Soothing sore skin

Don’t get it sore in the first place! But if you do, use balm like Ultrabalm an all purpose balm which is soothing and re-hydrating.

How to treat spot prone skin

In an emergency, use a little bit of honey that reduces the redness and works as a moisturiser and an antiseptic. Don’t exfoliate spots, treat them with respect and if you are prone to spots, take a facemask with you.

10 tips to keep your skin looking fresh while travelling, have you got any tips to add based on your own experiences? Why not subscribe to the blog to receive more stories like this?