Meet Alun Chapple, one of our eager young apprentices

Imagine spending your entire day talking about travel, and putting together people’s dream trips, while gaining qualifications and getting paid for your efforts. Meet Alun Chapple, one of young apprentices.

We know that dedication and passion are what makes a great Travel Expert (our fancy term for a sales consultant!), not necessarily qualifications and previous experience. So we’ve introduced STA Travel apprenticeships. An awesome way you can earn a living and learn about the travel industry, while gaining an NVQ and certificate in travel services (including a shed load of cool perks to boot).

Alun — yes, with a U — is 20 years old, and has joined the team in our Southampton store, after gaining a spot on the apprenticeship programme. I caught up with him to get the low-down on what he thinks of his job, and what makes him tick when it comes to travelling.

Here's Alun striking a perfect Travel Expert pose, at our store in Southampton

What’s so great about STA Travel Apprenticeships?

What were you doing before applying for this position as an STA Travel Apprentice?

I was working for an engineering company as a office administrator.

What made you decide to apply for this apprentice position?

I thought it was a really good way to get into the travel industry, with a company I have previously used to travel myself.

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Alun has previously travelled to Australia, and was excited to help others realise their travelling ambitions

Have you done any travelling before?

Yes, I’ve have travelled lots around Australia, also Florida, New York and lots of Europe, too.

Where would you like to travel to in the future?

The main destinations that I really want to go to are: South Africa, the Middle East, China, New Zealand and South America, but I would pretty much go anywhere, I love to travel!

At Taronga Zoo, Australia. Just trying to blend in...

What do you enjoy most about working at STA Travel?

Completing a really good booking that the customer is really excited about is so satisfying. I get so excited for them!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge. Even though it was foggy, it was just the most amazing experience, which everyone should try and do once in their lifetime if possible.

At the Sydney Harbour Bridge - and terrified!

What’s your favourite thing about your job at STA Travel?

Meeting friendly, excited customers, being able to talk about amazing worldwide destinations, and search for holidays all day!

Why do you feel passionately about travel, why would you encourage people to travel?

Seeing new sights, new cultures and new people is just amazing, there is something for everyone. It’s such a big world out there and I really believe everyone should try and see some of it.

If you’ve got a passion for travel and would like to know more about our apprenticeship programme, get in touch. Who knows what could happen.