High Five… Beautiful Lakes!

The great lakes of the world are one of Mother Nature’s greatest triumphs. More often than not, they’re set amongst rolling hills, or snow capped mountains, and showcase the environment at its most magnificent.

They’re the prefect home for some of the worlds most intriguing and endangered wildlife, and the ideal place to kick back, absorb the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the moment.

Picking 5 for this blog was never going to be easy, I’ll be honest there was a lot of beautiful lakes to choose from – a lot. But, after a lot of head scratching, I’ve whittled down my list of the 5 most beautiful lakes in the world.

Where To Find The World’s Most Beautiful Lakes

As always, I’m keen to hear your opinions on the spectacular lakes I’ve missed out – I know there are heaps, because this list took me so long to decide upon! So drop your own favourites in the comments box below and lets make this a High Ten…! Or even a High Fifteen….!

Lake Malawi, Malawi

The beautiful sun kissed shores of Lake Malawi

Affectionately known as The Lake of Stars, due to the glow from the lanterns of fishermen on the lake lighting up the evening’s sky like a starry night, Lake Malawi sits between the African countries of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

At somewhere between 560 – 580 km long, it’s the third largest lake in Africa, after Lake Victoria (1st) and Lake Tanganyika (2nd), but is, in my opinion, the most beautiful.

Lake Malawi lies in a valley which was formed after the African tectonic plate was split in two, and contains, what is widely accepted to be, the largest collection of fish species to be found in any body of freshwater.

Resorts on the Malawi hosted part of the shore offer a large selection of activities to help you enjoy the lake, such as snorkelling, diving, boat riding, sailing and water skiing.

Emerald Lake, Canada

The Green colour of Emerald Lake will take your breath away

Famous as one of the most spectacularly coloured lakes in the world, powdered limestone from the nearby mountains turn the water a beautiful greenish colour, meaning Emerald Lake in the Canadian Rockies really lives up to its name.

Emerald Lake can be found at the foot of the Rockies in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. It’s that largest of all of Yoho’s 61 lakes and is a picture perfect spot for some hiking and canoeing – imagine seeing the green water of the lake against the snowy back drop of the mountains, as you walk or paddle through the landscape itself. Bliss.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled provides adventure as well as beauty

This beautiful glacial lake in the Julian Alps surrounds the sleepy Slovenian town of Bled. It’s well known as the perfect site for a spot of water sports such as tubing and canoeing, set against a dramatically stunning background.

Surrounded by mountains and forests, the lake contains a striking island, protruding right from it’s heart, which contains several buildings, the most impressive being the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, built in the 15th century. Also, Towering from the lake on its north shore is medieval-era Bled Castle, which sits regally on the the cliff top, overlooking the town below.

One massive plus point about visiting Lake Bled? You can fly to Slovenia using budget airlines making it the perfect option for a romantic weekend away, or join a tour and see it with a group of new friends.

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka, is home to one of the many beautiful lakes in New Zealand

Choosing just one beautiful lake In New Zealand is like eating just one dish at a Chinese buffet – why would you do it? It’s just madness! Unfortunately, as variety is the spice of life, it didn’t feel right to award all of my High Five spots to the lakes of New Zealand alone, so only one has made the cut….

Lake Wanaka is without a doubt one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. It was formed as the result of glacier erosion and is the gateway to Mt Aspiring National Park. Set between a mixture of the snow capped mountains and densely green hills that New Zealand is famous for, you can find it on the South Island, a stones throw from the adventure playground that is Queenstown.

The town of Wanaka sits on the edge of the lake and although it may seem a little ‘sleepy’ on closer inspection there’s plenty of fun to be had if you look hard enough. A chilled evening spent drinking beers with fellow travellers at the end of the jetty that petrudes out into the calm water can be contrasted to the adrenalin rush of a sky dive over the lake from 15,000 feet up – what better way to take in the scene?

Oh, and there’s a burger joint in Wanaka called Red Star Luxury Burgers, that the Kiwi Exp driver on my last trip there swore he (and many others apparently) think is better than Fergburger. Make up your own mind; I tried both and for me, the jury’s still out.

Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia

Lake Titicaca is one of the most famous lakes in the world

Lake Titicaca is one of those places you probably heard about before you even realised where it is. Maybe that’s due to its reputation as one of the world most beautiful lakes proceeding it, or maybe it’s due to the funny name, either way, ask someone to name the famous lakes of the world and Lake Titicaca will come up first again and again.

Titicaca borders the South American countries of Peru and Bolivia and is, by volume of water, the largest lake on the continent, and at a height of 3,812m above sea level, it’s also known as the highest navigable lake in the world. Pretty impressive eh?

Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of several endangered species during your time around Titicaca’s shores; you could quite easily come across the huge Titicaca Water Frog and the flightless Titicaca Grebe so called because they only live within the area of the famous lake.

The mass expanse of deep blue waters, complete with misty mornings, creates a hugely atmospheric scene and the perfect backdrop to lose yourself in your own thoughts and contemplate the remarkable things you’ve seen on your travels through South America.

To spend time at any of these incredible lakes would be an unforgettable travel experience. Check out our cheap flights page and get your adventure plans moving