Ask The Experts: Where should I Spend My Australian Working Holiday?

Give our Travel Experts an opportunity to rabbit on about their favourite subject (um, that’s travel by the way) and you just can’t shut them up. Luckily for them there’s a lot of people that can benefit from their ramblings.

This week we’ve tested their knowledge with another question sent in by a perplexed blog reader. Joanna from Bromley asks:

I want to get my working holiday visa for Australia but I’m not sure where to base myself. Where do you recommend and why? Joanna, Bromley

Life Down Under is just that little bit....cuter

All three of our regular experts have stepped up to the plate this month with some cracking pearls of wisdom about where in Australia to have an amazing working holiday.

Claire Whittington from STA Travel says…

Hi Joanna! I would recommend travelling around first (if you have the money) so you can find somewhere you like. Most people fly into the bigger cities and find work straight away which means all the amazing little beach towns often have loads of jobs available because everyone is in the cities.

As awesome as Sydney and Melbourne are if it was a choice between city living or a job on a boat sailing around the Whitsunday Islands serving drinks to happy tourists I know where I would be!

Sailing the Whitsundays is a great option for work in Aus

If your budget is a bit tight and you have to find work straight away why not break away from the norm and go to Perth. The west coast has so much to offer and Perth is fast becoming the place to be in Australia with lots of new restaurants and bars opening, it is quickly establishing itself as the trendiest city Down Under!

Plus your weekends could be spend wine tasting in Margaret River, swimming with Dolphins at Monkey Mia or exploring Kalbarri National Park which sounds pretty good to me.

I would recommend the Australian Backpackers Work and Play 2 night starter package to help you find your feet, new friends and a job as it includes an airport pick up, 2 nights accommodation and a day trip to Rottnest Island to start. Then you also get 12 months membership to a jobs Club, job offers during your stay in Australia plus access to a jobs placement officer who can arrange job offers.

You also get a comprehensive work and travel pack which includes the setting up of a bank account and mobile account, the organising of your tax file number, 12 months mail holding and forwarding as well as a 24 hour telephone helpline. So that is all the boring stuff sorted all you need to do is explore Perth and Western Australia!

Sarah Jones from STA Travel says…

To be honest any of the state capitals are a good option to base yourself for work. This is where the biggest populations lie, the more business and commerce and consequently more work opportunities.

Each capital has its own different qualities and benefits, the biggest two, Sydney and Melbourne, are great for the city buzz. Brisbane, Perth and Darwin better for a quieter city scene.

The big cities such as Melbourne are where most of the jobs can be found

With the largest population Sydney tends to be the point of arrival for most travellers. This can make competition for work tougher though so why not head to one of Sydney’s lively suburbs, Bondi, Manly or Coogee? All are great for experiencing the Aussie ‘city beach’ lifestyle and finding work related.

Bondi is a great option for a working holiday. I wouldn't mind walking to work with this view!

Alternatively, Queensland’s state capital, Brisbane, is a strong option. Quieter, but not too quiet, than the likes of Sydney and Melbourne yet a more relaxed lifestyle and (near) permanent sunshine. Good times.

Brisbane city has all the usuals of a big city if you’re looking for bar or shop work etc. The added bonus is that Queensland is the best state for seasonal work, needed for that Working Holiday Visa extension. There is a huge variety of fruit picking and farm work in rural Queensland, a great alternative to city work and a true Aussie experience. Many of these are advertised in the Brisbane hostels, making it a perfect base to start!

Amy Pearson from STA Travel says…

Any of the major cities in Australia will have great access to backpacker work schemes and have a big traveller’s base.

My personal recommendation would be to experience somewhere a bit off the beaten track, and try and get yourself a job that you would never be able to do in the UK. A popular place to find work and experience the tropical beauty of Australia is to base yourself in Airlie Beach in Queensland.

This popular backpacker town is the gateway to sailing around the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef. Airlie beach is great fun, with a buzzing night life and a beautiful beach to match, it has attracted backpackers doing working holiday visa’s for years for its laid back nature.

Or why not dive for pearls in Broome? A job you certainly would not be able to do in England, all you need is a diving qualification, which is easy to obtain while in Australia. It is hard work, but the pay is good and the experiences you have will be priceless, they are also very good at employing casual backpacker staff, so they are aware that the position might not necessary be long term, good luck!

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