How to do a Tim Tam Slam

They’re as Aussie as kangaroos, barbies on the beach and Alf Stewart. Tim Tam chocolate biscuits are a national institution in Australia, as is the famous ‘Tim Tam Slam’.

To celebrate Australia Day, I’ve enlisted the help of authentic Australian and Tim Tam Slam veteran Saxon, to help explain exactly what a Tim Tam Slam is, and to demonstrate the secrets of a perfect execution.

The Aussie’s take their Tim Tam Slamming very seriously indeed, so, for a little added drama, we’ve arranged for Sax to take on Alex in a battle of the slammers. Scroll down for the video of what happened when Australia took on Great Britain in the battle of the Tim Tam Slams.

Oh, and a word of warning, don’t even think about comparing them to the British lunchbox favourite Penguins, because you’ll get yourself in big trouble, believe me!

On your marks...

A Step By Step Guide to Tim Tam Slam Glory

The idea of a Tim Tam Slam is to use the biscuit as a kind of chocolatey straw, and suck as much liquid up through the Tim Tam as quickly as possible before it breaks or melts.

It’s loads of fun but it can get messy, so to help you out, here are Saxon’s steps for the perfect Tim Tam Slam technique.

Step 1 – Choose you weapons

You’ll need:

1 x Packet of Tim Tams
1 x Glass/cup of drink (while a warm drink can be used, it gets messy, so a cold drink like milk is better).

Step 2 – Prepare your Tim Tam

Bite both ends off your Tim Tam to create your chocolate biscuit ‘straw’.

Get set...

Step 3 – Get Ready…

Place the Tim Tam into your drink of choice.

Step 4 – Suuuuuuuck!

Suck one end of the Tim Tam as hard as you can to draw the drink up through the biscuit, resulting in a chocolatey milk/tea/coffee extravaganza in your mouth. Sweet!


And finally…

So that’s it, now we can Tim Tam Slam like a pro, and we’re putting our new found slamming skills to the test by volunteering Alex to challenge Saxon in a Tim Tam Slam battle.

It’s Team Aus vs Team GB in our very own ‘slam off’. Who will come out victorious? Please your bets and then click play below to find out…

A worthy winner! Enjoy a pint of Fosters or 2 in honour of our Aussie brothers and sisters, but before you do that – sign up to the blog to make sure you don’t miss any posts like this one in the future.