How to be the Perfect Hostel Dorm Mate

Hostels are great. As a traveller, they provide us with a base that’s comfortable, sociable and fun (hostels are the best place to meet other travellers) and, almost always, centrally located right next to the very things we’ve come to see. Best of all; they’re cheap. Happy days.

I’ve met some of my best travelling pals in hostel dorms, and as anyone who’s ever stayed in university halls will tell you, sometimes you can meet the people who will go on to become your best friends, simply by being thrown together.

However, lets not gloss over the fact that sometimes hostel living can be testing. Drunken screeching at 3am, strangers snoring and farting, other peoples smelly trekking boots at the end of your bed, but hey, it’s all part of the backpacking experience and you wouldn’t change it for the world right?

Here’s our guide to making friends when staying in hostels, and more importantly, keeping them!

Hostel Living: The Do’s and Don’ts!

I opened up the subject to our ever vocal Twitter community, and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that this was a subject that got us all a little stirred up.

Below are my own top tips for being the perfect hostel dorm mate followed by some of the best from Twitter. If you’ve got any tips of your own – share them below!

Top Tips on Being the Perfect Hostel Dorm Mate

– Keep clean, no one wants to sleep next to someone who pongs like a damp dog.
– Don’t switch the lights on after around 11pm and before about 8am.
– If you have an early start, pack everything the night before to avoid a lot of huffs and puffs from around the (wide awake) room.
– Keep it friendly, say ‘hi’ to people when you – or they – arrive.
– No rubbishing the places your new room mates are about to visit; even if you really did think it wasn’t good.
– No sexy time in the hostel dorm people! *cringe*

What do our Twitter Followers Have to Say?

Do you have any advice on hostel dorm room ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ to share with fellow travellers? What would be your own number 1 rule of hostel etiquette? Post your advice in the comments box below!