8 European Cities That Haven’t Been ‘Stagged’ Yet

You know the feeling, there you are, strolling through the character filled streets of a beautiful European city on your much anticipated weekend city break, when, all of a sudden, you’re faced with the unsightly view of a drunken stag, complete with Borat mankini, in all his, erm, ungroomed, masculine glory.

Kind of ruins the moment do you think? That’s why we’ve come up with a list of our favourite European cities that haven’t been ‘stagged’ yet. There will be no naked men tied to lamp posts or burping competitions here!


Where to go to avoid the stag parties in Europe

Porto, Portugal

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city and is teeming with history, so much so, that UNESCO has declared it a world heritage site to protect the huge array of medieval, terraced, buildings, churches and the cobbled streets.

But it’s not all old buildings and churches. Porto is fast becoming a trendy hub for Portugal’s young and trendy crowd. Well known DJ’s play sets in the cities rising number of nightclubs and bars, and street parties are becoming more and more popular too. So come now, while Porto is still a city that hasn’t been stagged… Yet.

Verona, Italy

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Sound familiar? Yep, Verona is the setting for one of Shakespeare’s most famous works, and as you’d probably expect from the setting of the most famous love story of all time, it’s oozing with beautiful architecture, and historic importance.

It’s everything an Italian city should be – and more. Take a walk along the Adige River, visit the Roman amphitheatre and take in an opera performance for the ultimate Italian experience.

Heidelberg, Germany

A beautiful city in South West Germany, Heidelberg is popular with tourists thanks to its pretty architecture, including the centuries old castle and the quaint old town area.

Christmas is a great time to visit for impressive decorations and the large Christmas market, selling a whole host of festive treats and traditional German food – it’s bratwurst heaven!


Tel Aviv, Israel

Yes, Israel is in Europe! Well, it’s in the Eurovision Song Contest so that’s good enough for me.

Tel Aviv has long been on many travellers ‘must do’ list thanks to its rich array of historic and cultural sites and its cosmopolitan feel. Over the past few years the city has grown at quite a rate and has emerged as a modern and exciting gateway to the Middle East.

Wander the flea market in Old Jaffa, take in an amazing view of the city at Azriely Lookout and hit the clubs in Tel Aviv Port.

Palermo, Sicily

Palermo is yours to discover, if you have the patience to explore. It’s a city of extremes; chaotic city streets and chilled side street cafes and crumbling, centuries old, churches beside modern tower blocks.

The great thing about that city is that you can really become a part of it. Mingle with the locals and absorb its character; with no major tourist sites to tick off the list, it’s all about getting a feel for the Sicilian lifestyle.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city that will surprise you. You’ll often hear people who have been talk about how it was better than they ever could have imagined it could be. Banish thoughts of dirty streets and aggressive street sellers from your mind. Istanbul is classy and, in large parts, surprisingly modern.

Explore the Grand Bazaar and sample the freshly caught sea food, cooked right in front of you for less than £2, visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), take in the incredible sights and smells of the large spice market and sip a drink and smoke shisha in one of the many impressive roof top bars, including the 7 Hills Hotel; complete with a spectacular 360 degree view of the city.


Murcia, Spain

One of Spain’s largest cities, Murcia is famous for delicious cuisine and fresh ingredients, expect thriving local markets and sprawling vineyards in the shadow the surrounding mountains and hills.

As one of Spain’s least travel to destinations, you can almost guarantee a peaceful trip as you visit Murcia Cathedral, walk along the dramatic coastline outside the city and sink some Spanish beers in street cafes.

Gothenburg, Sweden

It may sound like somewhere Batman would live but Gothenburg is actually much cooler than that (yeah, it’s totally possible to be cooler than Batman FYI)

A huge student city, you’ll never be short of a party to go to. Spend your nights living it up and your days exploring the historic sites, such as Gothenburg Cathedral, Crown House and the City and Art Museums.

What do you think of our list? Did your favourite European city make the cut? If not, tell us below what’s missing and why it deserves to be included.