Ask the Experts: How Should I Spend 2 Weeks in South America?

It’s time for our Travel Experts to step up and come to the rescue of another blog reader that’s desperate to pick their oversized brains for some of their superior travel tips and advice.

This week, Natalie from Birmingham has a question about travelling through South America.

I’m looking to go to South America in October, but because of work commitments I’ll only be able to go for 2 weeks. I’ve never been to this part of the world before, how do you suggest I should spend that 2 weeks to guarantee an amazing experience? Natalie, Birmingham

A great question who’s answer will interest many people Natalie, let’s see what our Travel Experts suggest for you…

Tayrona National Park.

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

There are so many great places you can visit in 2 weeks. The obvious ones would be travelling from Buenos Aires to Rio via the magnificent Iguassu Falls or to the iconic Machu Picchu in Peru on the Inca Trail or what about the wildlife heaven that is the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador? However there are so many up and coming destinations in South America which have loads to offer. My recommendation would be Colombia which has become a lot more accessible and safe in the last few years.

Colombia has a wealth of different experiences just waiting to be discovered and our 12 day Colombia Highlights trip is a great way to fit it all in, travelling with a small group (maximum 15 other like minded travellers) and a fantastic local guide. You will meet you group on the first day in the capital city, Bogota and then take an included flight to Cartagena where you will get an introduction to this beautiful colonial city with a tour of the Old City where your guide will explain the history of the fortress walls and the many monuments, plazas, and buildings within them. The next two days can be spent exploring Cartagena or, as I would recommend, taking a trip to the beaches of Islas del Rosario National Park where you can do nothing on the white sand beaches or get active with some snorkelling around the coral reefs.


From here you head to Tolu, a favourite holiday spot for Colombians where you can enjoy the amazing seafood Tolu is famed for or if you like your sea creatures with a bit more life you can snorkel around the Sab Bernardo Islands on your included boat tour of these Caribbean islands.

Next it is onto Taganga which is the base for exploring the Tayrona National Park where you will spend a night sleeping jungle style in a hammock amongst the diverse flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for titi monkeys, iguanas and eagles! You have a further two days to delve into this wonderful part of South America, whether you spend more time in the jungle or head to the coast for more beach time or you chose to hike to the per-Hispanic village through the forests cooling off in waterfalls and taking in the views of Sierra Nevada you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Your trip is nearly at an end and it’s time to fly back to Bogota for one last night with your travel buddies where you can sample a night out Colombia stylee (think cocktails and disco!). Then I am afraid you have to come home (probably to the cold!) and spend the next few months bragging to all your friends about you amazing adventures!

Amy Pearson from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

We do some fantastic 14-day trips, Brazil and Argentina on a Shoestring for £999 is a personal favourite of mine. The trip starts in Buenos Aires where you have a guided tour through the city, mixing up popular tourist sites, with markets and restaurants only known to locals. The Argentinian steak houses are also a must here and you will be taken to one of the best restaurants in city. After another day in the city, with added spare time for yourself, you are then whisked off on a night bus to the breathtakingly beautiful ‘Iguassu Falls’.

Iguassu Falls.

The guides will take you to see this from both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side, so you can decide for yourself which view you prefer. Here you will also have the opportunity to have take a boat ride underneath the falls and trek through the surrounding rainforests. From here your next stop is the Brazilian coastal city of ‘Paraty’. Beaches, parties and shopping are a must here! Last stop is Rio de Janeiro where you will spend two days in Copacabana. Visit ‘Christ the redeemer’, the favela’s and generally just let yourself be sucked in by this vibrant city. You will never want to leave!

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