12 Places to Travel With Your Dad

Experiences are best shared with your nearest and dearest. So chuck out the pipe and slippers and take your dad on an awesome adventure. The daddy of all bucket lists – we’ve got some travel ideas that will really pamper pops.

Here, just in time for Father’s Day this Sunday, are 12 places to travel with your dad. Epic adventures and experiences that are, lets face it, not just fun for dad’s they’re pretty ace for everyone. Which one would you choose for a trip with your dad? Let us know in the comments box below…

Make tracks in Monaco

Watch your dad get car envy at Monaco’s historic Grand Prix. These roads have barely changed since the first race in the 1920s, so it’s the perfect setting for some classic car spotting. For the modern version, take him to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the spring.

Give him some beef

If the man of the house loves his meat, there’s no better city that Buenos Aires. Surrounded by cowboy country and with plenty of restaurants to choose from, foodie holidays don’t come juicer than this. Head to a pretty Parrilla in Palermo for an authentic Argentinean experience.

Watch the World Cup

Next year, Rio de Janeiro will be the epicentre for the beautiful game as host of the 20th FIFA World Cup. This vibrant city is a worthy destination any time, but if you land tickets to the football, you’ll officially be his favourite child.

Meet the monsters

It’s not just Homer Simpson who loves his monster trucks. Check out this crazy pastime in the US of A with the petrol head in your life. No, he can’t ride them himself. He can eat smoked turkey legs and pretzels, though.

Climb mountains

Take your relationship to new heights with a rock climbing experience. Yosemite National Park in California is the perfect place to explore the great outdoors. Father-son (or daughter) talks optional.

Take a skydive

New Zealand is the land of adrenaline, and just because your dad’s packing a few extra pounds nowadays doesn’t mean he can’t get involved. Give him the chance to tick off this amazing must-do aexperience gainst a stunning backdrop.

Find the missing link

How can your dad simultaneously scratch, eat, watch TV and pretend to listen to his brood all at once? Maybe the gorillas of Uganda will have the answer. Take a family trip on safari and find out more about our not-so-distant cousins.

Fish for your supper

Granted, fishing can be a bit dull. Especially when there’s no phone signal. Take a trip to Thailand for an experience you’ll both enjoy. Bungsamran Lake near Bangkok is teeming with giant catfish that can grow to 85lb. It’s worth the wait just for the profile pic.

Swim with jaws

Take that fishing trip to a whole new level and dive in with some scary sharks. South Africa is a great place to do cage diving and get close to the creatures. Is he man enough? If not, don’t worry. No one will hear him scream.

Stay cool in Nashville

The US’s Deep South has it all – cracking whisky, massive food portions, and soul – lots of soul. Take him to the ‘Music City’ and get in tune with the awesome vibe.

Get back on track

Take to the rails and experience Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakstan and Uzbekistan the old-fashioned way on the Trans-Siberian Railway. This historic route will really broaden your horizons.

Enjoy the black stuff

Dublin is the place to go for any man who enjoys a Guinness or six. Find out how it’s made or just head to Temple Bar and enjoy it the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – in a cosy pub with friendly yet slightly lairy Irishmen. There’s no better way to bond.

Boom! There you go, 12 places to travel with your dad, just in time for Father’s Day. Which one would your dad like?