Ask the Experts: How Can I Combine my Love of Football and Travel?

Another Friday means another opportunity to ask our Travel Experts your burning travel questions. If you want to put your own question to Claire or Amy, send them an email now and they’ll answer for you right here on the blog soon.

But, for now, it’s back to this week and a question sent in from Danny in Cardiff, go for it Danny…

I’m a massive football fan, any trips you can recommend where I can incorporate sport and travel? Danny, Cardiff

Great question! There are a number of ways in which you can combine travel and sport, so let’s see what Claire suggests for you…

Cape Town is beautiful and the perfect place to combine travel and sport.

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

Why not head to my favourite country, South Africa, to combine the ultimate African experience with your passion for sports by taking part in our Sports Coaching in South Africa volunteer project. Choose whether to spend 5 or 12 weeks in some townships on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth sharing your sporting skills with children from underprivileged backgrounds. The schools in these townships do not have the resources to provide pupils with any kind physical education so volunteers are able to give local children the opportunity to participate in sports they would otherwise not have access to. You might be taking take coaching sessions, running matches or organise tournaments whether in football, cricket, basketball etc.

While the focus is on sport, the priority is on developing personal life skills among South African children, promoting health and social awareness and getting children involved in a positive activity that bridges social divides, keeps children off the streets and gives them the chance to learn and develop while enjoying themselves. There are also loads of non-sport placements which include teaching, arts and crafts or working with disabled or HIV/AIDS affected children.

Take a break between volunteering duties and go in seach of the famous African wildlife.

With all the good things you will be doing for the children we have to make sure you get to spend your free time doing awesome stuff which is why there are loads of great activities included. You might head out on a game drives spotting rhino, cheetah and zebra, go surfing and dune boarding at Jeffery’s Bay or stuff your face at a bush camp meal where you will enjoy a traditional Africa meal in the heart of the African bush plus there are loads of other activities you can organise when you are there like bungy jumping, scuba diving or shark cage diving!

Once you have finished the project there are loads of travelling options. You could head East along the coast towards Johannesburg and Kruger National Park to spot the Big Five on safari or take the Garden Route to Cape Town where along the way you can chill out on the great beaches, stop in Stellenbosch to sample the wine or check out the great nightlife Cape Town has to offer.

Sounds like a great way to combine football and travel – great work Claire! If you want to put your own travel question to our Experts email us with the details now!