Ask the Experts: Help me Decide Where my Next Trip Will Be!

It’s time for another thrilling(ish) edition of Ask the Experts, the blog where our Travel Experts reach into their bulging brains and pluck some of their very best snippets of travel knowledge in order to help another blog reader with their travel dilemmas.

This week Charlie from Peterborough has emailed us with this question:

My last trip was to South East Asia 6 months ago and it was awesome, but next time I want to do something really different. What would you suggest? Charlie, Peterborough

Ok, Charlie, not a problem, Amy is here to help you out, and this is a girl who knows a thing or two about putting together amazing trips. Unfortunately for us, Amy’s time as a Travel Expert here at STA Travel is coming to an end and therefore, so is her time as an Expert on our Ask the Experts series (sob!) This week is her penultimate week, so let’s see what she suggests for you…

Amy Pearson from STA Travel Vicar Lane says…

Southeast Asia is amazing, but if your looking for a completely different experience have you thought about doing a road trip through America. Coast to coast trips are a fantastic way to see America’s diversity.

Start your trip in New York and finish the journey in San Francisco. You can hire either a RV and save money on accommodation or alternatively buy an Amtrak pass and take the stress out of map reading. There are really affordable motels and hostel options in the states so this is a trip that doesn’t have to cost the earth. Mix up camping in national parks with sightseeing in the cities and ticking off the great landmarks.

A favourite destination of mine would be to head down to the deep south in Houston and New Orleans, gorge on the food and sample the whiskey. Another recommendation of mine would be a night out in an authentic blues bar in Memphis and a visit to the ‘National Civil Rights Museum’ where Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Finish your trip on the West Coast with a hedonistic gamble in Las Vegas and people watching on Venice Beach. Brave the black bears and spend a day hiking the beautiful Yosemite National Park with an overnight stay in a lodge or even camping under the stars. Finish your road trip with a photograph stood next the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ in the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco.

How does that sound Charlie? Pretty fantastic I’m sure you’ll agree! If you’d like some help with your travel plans send us the details here, and our Travel Experts will tackle your question very soon right here on the blog.