Ask the Experts: Help! I'm Scared of Flying, Where Can I Travel Overland?

Happy Friday everyone! And to celebrate let’s have another blog reader question answered by our Travel Experts in our Ask the Experts series (don’t say we don’t treat you eh!).

So who do we have this week…

Hi Experts! I really want to go on an amazing trip but I’m petrified of flying. Is there anyway I can do something amazing without having to fly? Marie, Swindon

Ooooooh great question Marie, and one that will definitely test our Experts – but I reckon they’re up to it. So Claire, what’s your advice for Marie?

Wander the streets of beautiful Barcelona.

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

This has to be a question for me to answer since I hate flying too! When I went travelling around Europe my friend flew to Spain to start our trip and I spent 3 days being sea sick on a boat from England to Bilbao to meet him! But fear not, thanks to the wonderful idea to build a tunnel under the sea the world has never been more accessible, you just need a bit more time and planning.

The obvious choice is Interrailing around Europe, hop on the Eurostar to Paris and then head off on some amazing train journeys around a continent that was made for train travel. However, there are loads of other options, Busabout Flexitrips are great if you are travelling alone and want to meet other people whilst still having complete flexibility.

Plan your route around 9 countries and 33 stops and then just hop on and off the Busabout coach as you want. They pick up and drop off at the best hostels in town, there is a guide on your bus full of local knowledge and advice, a modern coach full of brand new travelling companions and now the buses even have WIFI so you can update Facebook and make everyone back at home jealous!

Sleep under the stars in the deserts of Morocco.

And why stick to just Europe? With a little bit of organising from your helpful STA Travel Experts you could be taking the train down to Barcelona before starting our Iberian Voyager trip to see all Spain and Portugal has to offer as well as spending 5 days in Morocco – who needs to take the skies when you can stop in the vibrant Valencia and beautiful Moorish Granada on the way to Africa!

Good work as always Claire! So there are a huge number of options available to you if you’re scared of flying – who knew?! If you have a question you’d like to pose to our Travel Expertssend them an email, and they’ll answer it right here on the blog very soon!