Ask the Experts: Help Me Explore Eastern Europe

Woohoo, it’s Friday! So, you know what that means? Yep, our trusty Travel Experts are back again with another dose of advice for another inspirationally challenged blog reader.

So, what do we have this week? Well, Julia from London needs help putting together a plan for her trip to Eastern Europe, but before we get to that, here’s your chance to pose your own question to Lucy and Claire, just send them an email and your question will be featuring right her on the blog very soon! Now, back to the task in hand; Julia what’s your question?

I’ve always wanted to travel through eastern Europe I think I’m going to book it in early next year do you have any suggestions for unmissable places in this area of the continent? Julia, London

Great question about a beautiful part of the world Julia, so Experts whadda you know?!


Lucy Bolton from STA Travel Leeds Vicar Lane says…

There are some really cool places in Europe than can often be forgotten and a lot of my favourites are in Eastern Europe! I would start the trip in what many call the ‘unspolit jewel of Europe’ – Prague.

You can go rafting down the river or sit in the Old Town Square and soak up the atmosphere. Head down through Austria where the scenery is unmissable. Depending on the time of year you could take part in Winter sports or go hiking and cycling in the mountains in summer.

Vienna is also definitely worth a visit! My next stop would be Budapest, a really cool place with the two parts of the city, Old Town Buda and the modern Pest. The traditional Hungarian thermal spas are fantastic and a great way to unwind. One of my favourite places in eastern Europe has to be Ljubljana in Slovenia. We had planned to stop there to break a journey up and weren’t expecting much but it is such a charming place.

Split, Croatia.

Take the cable car to the top of Ljubljana Castle and enjoy a cocktail with amazing views of the city. Lake Bled is another great place in Slovenia, it is like being in the Alps without the price tag!

I would definitely finish your trip in Croatia. Zagreb and Zadar are great for some last minute sightseeing and then head to the picturesque town of Split where relaxing on the beach and chilling out on the Croatian islands will make a perfect end to your trip! We have lots of Croatia Island Hopper trips that would be ideal to add onto the end of your Eastern Europe adventure.

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