High Five… Argentina!

A diverse and dramatic part of the world, long loved by travellers for its enchanting culture, natural wonders and good steak.

Argentina is a travel heaven, with a million things to experience and even more nooks and crannies to explore, it’s likely you’ll fall a little bit in love with it’s general aura and presence and never want to leave.

Prepare yourself for the fast pace of vibrant Buenos Aires – one of the worlds most exciting and cosmopolitan cities – and head out to the wilderness of Patagonia and the Andes, the places where you can really indulge in the spoils of nature lavished on Argentina.

To help you with your quest to see the very best of this amazing country, we’re counting down our choice of the best of the best experiences, introducing High Five… Argentina!

5 Ways to make the very most of your time in Argentina

Tango the night away in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a European style city with a Latin American heart and a carnivore’s appetite. It takes two to tango and in Buenos Aires you won’t be short of partners – take a lesson or watch a show to get into the groove.

It’s also the perfect place to get started with Spanish and staying with a local family while you learn makes for a truly authentic experience.

We can’t guarantee you partners will look this good…

Visit the End of the Earth

Middle-earth may be over in New Zealand, but the end of the earth can be found in Argentina. Tierra del Fuego (the land of fire) is home to the world’s southern most city Ushuaia and some pretty astounding landscapes.

If you plan on making it to 7/7 one day, Ushuaia is also the gateway to the Antarctic. In the summer months expedition ships run back and forth to the tip of the world’s most isolated continent taking in some unique wildlife and amazing vistas along the way.

Pack your winter woolies and explore Ushuaia.


The city centre of Salta is colonial Argentina architecture at its most impressive. Set in the foot hills of the Andes the white buildings of the city are surrounded by multi-coloured valleys remarkable for the wind sculpted red rock formations that the locals say resemble a castle, a frog, windows and even an obelisk.

If all that rock spotting makes you peckish you can chow down on the local delicacy Empanadas Salteñas. Originating in Bolivia but very popular in Salta these delicious backed pasties burst with a juicy filling of meet and sauce – but hurry, you can only get them in the morning.

Explore the red valleys and unusual rock formations in Salta.

Get meaty

Beef is as important to Argentina’s history and culture as it is to its modern economy. steaks from its grass pastures are considered by many to be some of the best in the world and there’s no better place to chow down than just down the road from where the cows once roamed! Of course the perfect accompaniment to a good steak is a nice glass
of wine….

Wander the vinyards of Mendoza.

Hang out in Mendoza

…and luckily Argentina has its fair share of this too! Mendoza and the surrounding region in the west of the country near the border with Chile is the largest wine producing area in Latin America, with 100s of vineyards for your to tour.

If wine is not your thing (and if so, can I have yours?!) you can fill your time trekking or skiing in the Andes, kite surfing, rafting or even ice climbing. And what better way to end an active day than with a nice glass of….sorry we just can’t help it!

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