How to Talk Like an Aussie Without Saying ‘G’Day Bruce’

Talking like an Aussie isn’t as simple as adding an ‘o’ to the end of words you know, and if you’re planning a trip to Australia anytime soon there are a few words and phrases you should really be familiar with.

Those Aussies are a funny lot, with a great sense of humor, so chances are you aren’t going to offend them by trying your hand at these easy Aussie catchphrases. Accurate? Maybe. Cliché? Definitely! But it’s all part of the fun…

Remember These Easy Vocabulary Tips and You’ll Sound Like an Authentic Aussie in No Time!

Here’s a light hearted run down of some essential Aussie vocabulary to help you fit in like a local on your own Aussie adventure.


Means – Family
Use it – ‘Sorry I can’t come for a surf now, got a Skype call with my Relos…’


Means – Cheap wine in a box
Use it – ‘I’m too skint to go out tonight, so let’s get some goon and head to the beach!’


Means – The name given to a pick up truck
Use it – ‘Chuck the goon in the back of the ute and lets go!’


Means – Flip flops!
Use it – ‘I bough my nan some thongs for Christmas – she loved them!’


Means – An attractive person
Use it – ‘That guy over there, stroking the koala is such a spunk!’


Means – It’s a more polite way of insinuating the ‘F’ word and can be used in every sense of the word.
Use it – ‘The tyre on my bike is rooted’, ‘I had to try and sleep last night while the person in the next bed to me in the hostel dorm room had a root’


Means – To ‘big note’ oneself means to brag or boast
Use it – ‘He’s such a big note!’


Means – Business
Use it – ‘Mind your own bizzo!’


Means – A person that’s a bit scruffy and impolite
Use it – ‘Urgh that guy weeing against that tree is such a bogan!’


Means – Douvet
Use it – ‘You won’t need to use a duna in Queensland, it’s too hot!’


Means – Someone who doesn’t dress cool
Use it – ‘I’m not being seen dead walking around Sydney with you looking like that you dag!’


Means – Condom
Use it – ‘Let’s fill these frangers up with water and use them as water bombs!’


Means – Swimming shorts
Use it – ‘Can’t wait to get my boardies/togs on and hit Bondi!’


Means – Beer
Use it – ‘After a hard day fruit picking I’m in desperate need of an ice cold glass of grog.’


Means – Lots. Or, adds emphasis.
Use it – ‘Wish we we’re back on the beach at Byron Bay. Miss my dorm mates heaps!’


Means – To kiss/get it on
Use it – ‘I’m dying to pash that fit diving instructor…’


Means – To be very angry!
Use it – ‘I’m absolutely spewing that I just dropped my goon all over the floor of my ute!’

Easy peasy. A collection of Aussie words and phrases that will help you fit right in on your own Aussie adventure. Now, make sure that you can actually use your new found language skills by checking out our cheap flights and adventures within Australia. Bonza! (sorry…)