Ask the Experts: Where Should I Go to Finish my Souteast Asia Trip After Thailand?

Our Travel Experts know pretty much everything there is to know about booking amazing trips all over the world. So it’s only fair that we get them to share some of this knowledge with you!

This is the very reason we introduced our Ask the Experts blog series, where every week two of our most clued up Travel Experts attempt to help you with those travel questions that have been puzzling you. This week we have a question sent in from Jenifer in Cumbria – take it away Jenifer…

Hi Experts! My boyfriend and I want to go travelling next year and are just starting to think about our route. We’ve both agreed that we’ll fly into Bangkok but aren’t really sure where we’ll go after Thailand – do you have any ideas of a route that will take in some really different places? We’ll have about 3 months do travel and don’t have any major preference on countries except Thailand. Thanks, Jennifer, Cumbria.

Ooooh good one, it can be quite tricky to do something different in such well travelled terrain as South East Asia, let’s see what our Experts suggest.

Golden Rock, Burma.

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

Asia is such a great continent for overland adventures, there are loads of backpackers which means you can make tons of new friends, yet it still has pockets of places which are still… yes I am going to say it…. off the beaten track. At the moment the buzz surrounding Myanmar/Burma is huge, so if you want to go somewhere different get in there now before everyone else arrives!

So, after your time island hopping around the Thai islands and getting lost in the markets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, book you flight from Bangkok to Rangoon, then maybe take a look at our Classic Burma Adventure trip?

Overland adventure trips give you the freedom to do what you want with your days, but with the security of having a local guide on hand to tell you all the best places to go, and no worries about money, as your accommodation, travel, some meals and loads of awesome trips and activities are included. I can’t even begin to list all the once in a lifetime experiences this trip includes from a visit to the world famous golden Stupa of Shewedagon Pagoda to hiking to the summit of Golden Rock to a boat tour of Inle lake where you will visit floating villages plus the highlight has to be a guided tour of the Bagan which is considered one of the most important and beautiful temple and pagoda complexes in Asia. That’s a pretty jam packed two weeks!

There are lots of off the beaten track adventures to be found in Burma.

Alternatively if you want to travel independently Myanmar/Burma is still a viable option. My friend and I went there about 6 years ago and crossed the boarder from Mae Sae in the north of Thailand quite easily to head to Kengtung where we spend a few weeks trekking, visiting different hill tribes and temples and generally just wandering around making the most of being in such a under explored place. They say the Burmese are some of the friendliest people in the world and I can definitely second that!

One day my friend and I headed off separately for some “me-time” and within an hour of being by myself I was invited to lunch by an old lady I met whilst taking a walk around the lake, I sat with her for 7 hours as she told me stories from her life and my friend spent the day playing a board games with two old men on a street corner, so there are definitely lots of adventures to be found!

Hope that helps Jennifer! Great advice as always Claire. If you’d like to challenge our Travel Experts to come up with some advice for you, just send us your travel question now, and we’ll put it to them to be answered right here on the blog soon.