High 5… Mountain Views!

Mountains stir something in all of us. The urge to push harder, climb higher, see the world from a new perspective and occasionally slide down a steep slope with sticks strapped to our legs squealing. From the tropical to the topical to the downright beautiful, here’s our choice of the high 5 mountain views.

The Swiss Alps.

The view is pretty great from the roof of the world – here’s where to go to take in the best mountain scenery.

Alps, France

Though close to home, the Alps have got some far out beauty. Switzerland often takes the crown for the best views and is a great destination for hiking, skiing, cheese and beer. Another excellent option is to head to France to ride the world’s highest climbing cable car to the top of Aiguilles de Chamonix for spectacular views among the mountains from almost 4000m.

Mount Bromo – Indonesia

By no means the tallest mountain in Indonesia but often referred to as the most beautiful, Mount Bromo is something magical. With the smoking Mount Semeru and the stunning jungles of Java just a stone’s throw away you feel as if you’ve stepped into a lost world. The “sand sea” surrounding the base of the mountain does nothing to dampen the captivating atmosphere and climbing to the summit for sunrise will remind you just why you travel.

Mount Bromo, Indonesia.

Blue Mountains – Australia

Just outside Sydney’s city boundary lie the spectacular Blue Mountains. Popular in the summer when weary city dwellers rush to escape the heat of Sydney, it’s possible to visit the many of the area’s main attractions on a day trip. For something a little different head to the mountains for Yulefest – a traditional Christmas celebration with sing-alongs, log fires, snow and roast dinners….from June to August!

Blue Mountains, Australia.

Mount Kinabulu – Borneo

Rising above the rainforests of northern Borneo, Mount Kinabulu can be tackled by anyone of reasonable fitness and a thirst for a good view. You need a permit to make the climb so be sure to book ahead at busy times for the 3 day, 2 night expedition. If a beautiful jungle mountain isn’t enough excitement for you, you’re just a few hours away from the Kinabatangan River where you can take a boat safari to spot Proboscis monkeys, Macaques and even, wild Orang Utans and Pygmy Elephants!

Mount Kinabulu, Borneo.

Mauna Kea – Hawaii

Mauna Kea is the world’s tallest mountain when measured from base to summit (take that Everest) and you can drive all the way to the top in around 2 hours – bragging rights don’t come easier than this. At the top is an observatory and a nightly star gazing program allowing you to marvel at the clear skies from above the clouds – but be aware of altitude sickness spoiling your starry night.

If mountains are your ‘thing’ check out our huge selection of trekking and hiking adventures where you can see some beautiful views for yourself.