Ask the Experts: Help me Choose my Next Trip Working with Animals!

Every week, we ask you, our travel loving blog readers, to send us your questions for our passionate Travel Experts, and this week, we get Claire from STA Travel Brighton talking about two of her favourite things – dolphins and beautiful beaches – a match made in heaven!

The question in, errrr, question, comes from Joanna from Kent:

I’m crazy about wildlife! I’ve already been on safari in Africa, to the jungles of Borneo, volunteered with elephants in Thailand and I’ve just got back from an incredible trip working with turtles in Costa Rica, so I’m looking for inspiration for my next trip – where would you suggest I head to to for my next animal related travel experience? Joanna, Kent.

Sounds like you’ve had some pretty incredible experiences already Joanna – but there are still plenty more options out there for you! Lets see what Claire suggests…

Spend your days enjoying the surroundings in Fiji.

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton says…

It has to be volunteering with dolphins in Fiji for the ultimate animal experience whilst based on a breathtakingly beautiful island. What’s not to like?! Awesome beaches; check, everyones favourite animal; check, making a difference; check!

Staying in shared accommodation with other volunteers you will play a vital and active role in the research and conservation of the incredible spinner dolphin. While on this project you will work directly with our conservation team ( in conjunction with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) as you track, monitor and study the dolphins’ behaviour.

Your mornings are spent at Moon Reef performing research tasks such as photographing and identifying the dolphins, taking audio recordings and observing dolphin behaviour. After lunch you could be spending time checking and sorting the data or delivering conservation awareness workshops in local schools. Volunteers have plenty of free time to visit other villages and enjoy the natural beauty of Fiji.

Although the focus is on the dolphins, local awareness campaigns are so important as the project aims to help the local community learn to protect the whole of their marine biodiversity so you can really use your passion for wildlife to make a change for future generations.

You also get loads of free time to experience everything Fiji has to offer so whether you choose to spend your free time climbing a volcano, visiting local villages or scuba diving you are certain to have a trip of a lifetime!

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