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High Five… Alternative Christmas Food from Around the World!

Does your Christmas feast look like the same (albeit delicious) collection of turkey, roasties and sprouts every year? Are you full to the brim with bread sauce, cranberries and stuffing? It’s not the only way! Take some inspiration from what others around the world will be chowing down on come 25th December.

Fried chicken is a favourite Christmas dinner in Japan.

5 Examples of Alternative Christmas Dinners from Around the World

KFC – Japan

Since the 70’s Christmas and KFC have been irrevocably connected in Japan where families place their orders months in advance to avoid the 2 hour(!) lines on the big day.

While the trimmings may be seasonal (you can get cake and Champagne with your bargain bucket this year) the main affair is indeed deep fried crispy chicken. Festive.

BBQ – Australia

Who wants to sit inside in 40 degrees, sweat running down your paper hat festooned head and dripping onto a plate of wilting veg? Not the Aussies that’s for sure.

You’re much more likely to find them sunbathing on the beach, beer in hand and some sizzling shrimp, chicken, or burgers on the BBQ. And with scenery like this who can blame them.

Stoke up your barbie on a beach like this one at Palm Cove, Queensland.

Julbord – Sweden

Why have a couple of delicious dishes for dinner when you can have dozens? This meal is normally served on Christmas Eve and can include anything from meatballs to mustard ham to pickled herring to “prince” sausage.

After all this indulgence, the traditional Christmas morning meal is porridge… though as it’s made with cinnamon, sugar, evaporated milk and almonds it may not be particularly cleansing.

Julbord - helping yourself to the warm food

Swedish Julbord. Image courtesy of NorthofSweden on Flickr.

Pernil Asado – Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Pernil Asado – pork shoulder cooked with spices such as cumin and black pepper along with a lot of garlic.

On the Caribbean islands this is sometimes prepared as part of a whole pig roasted on a spit,  a proper Christmas feast.

Thirteen Desserts – France

One dessert is never enough at Christmas. Would you like mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding or a chocolate log? Maybe all of them with some whipped cream on top?

Our French neighbours take deserts pretty seriously with the tradition of “Les treize desserts” or thirteen deserts. Representing Jesus and the apostles the selection can include raisins, walnuts, almonds, figs, biscuits, waffles, cake, nougat, torte, marzipan, fudge… we could go on! And the best bit? It’s rude not to try a little bit of everything. Pass the whipped cream!

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