High Five… High Fives of 2013!

As the year draws to a close, join me as I take a look back through my choice of the best blogs from our High Five series in 2013. Our High Five series aims to give a short blast of inspiration about one specific destination of theme of experiences including tips and advice on how to make the most of your time in a destination.

This year we’ve had some absolute crackers (Christmas pun totally intentional), and next year our High Five series will be back better than ever – but in the mean time, here’s a recap of the very best articles from last year.


Our Favourite High Fives from 2013

High Five… Madagascar!

Madagascar is home to one of the world’s most interesting and diverse eco-systems and makes for a thrilling, off the beaten track, travel experience. On July 30th this year Anna Corbett explored the top five things she recommends you don’t miss in this exceptional and unique nature haven.

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High Five… South Pacific!


On Oct 3rd, High Five… South Pacific! Captured our imaginations and provided a big, fat dose of wanderlust straight into our chilly, Autumn dwelling, laps. Tales of lazing on the sun drenched beaches of Fiji and snorkelling around the reefs of the Cook Islands were a welcome rest-bite from falling leaves and ‘that fine rain that soaks you through’. Take me there… or at the very least to the High Five, so that I can relive the dream.

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High Five… China!


Talk to anyone who’s ever been to China and they’ll tell you stories about how they felt more out of place and lost than Victoria Beckham at a pie eating contest. China is a place of extremes, but that’s what makes it so blooming fun to travel! Well, that and the exquisite historical arcitecture, the delicious food, the sheer volume of people. On February 5th, we though long and hard any just about managed to narrow down 5 of the best things about China – but it was tough.

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High Five… Malaysia!


We once told you that Malaysia is the ultimate travel destination and if you ask anyone who’s ever been, I don’t think you’ll hear too many disagreements. This country delivers on every single experience you’d ever want from a travel destination and it delivers at an exceptional level. On 16th July, we gave Malaysia a massive High Five, and it remains one of our favourite blogs in the series.

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High Five… Mountain Views!

Mountain Views.

Finally on 27th November we took a step away from our usual destination based High Fives… and up a mountain! It’s impossible not to be impressed by an incredible mountain view, they stir up feelings in even the most harden traveller, and the world has some pretty awesome ones to share with us, this was our choice of the best of the best.

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