8 bus passes that will make your life easier when travelling

When you hear the word’s bus and pass, you’ll probably conjure unglamorous memories and images related to school, work, rain, and a lot of waiting. Well, scrap that, because here at STA Travel, our bus passes are a whirlwind of hop-on hop-off, fun, flexibility, people, sun, culture and convenience. Yep, bus passes just got cool.

Not only is your transport sorted, you’ll have a guaranteed good night’s sleep at our best hotels and hostels, and there’s a tonne of action packed day trips to choose from. So what are the top 8 bus passes that will make your life easier while travelling?

8 bus passes that will your life easier while travelling

1. New Zealand – Kiwi Experience

With passes christened The Whole Kit and Caboodle and the Super Funky, you know you’re going to have a good time with Kiwi Experience. They claim to show the highlights and the incredible places so hidden, even Peter Jackson couldn’t find them. And they aren’t kidding.

They’ve always got a bunch of special offers, freebies and discounts, plus you get 12 months to complete your pass. I’d book myself onto the Rangi; it takes you through the North and South island’s best bits and includes a trip to the incredible Bay of Islands.

2. Australia – Oz Experience

Like their New Zealand counterparts, Oz Experience throw in lots of day trip and excursion options along their action packed East Coast routes. You’ll get the flexibility to travel however you like for up to 6 months, and their highly trained staff know all there is to know about the best bits Down Under, making sure you make the most out of your time.

Passes are valid for travel in one direction between two pre-selected destinations. You’ll then have the freedom to plan in the tours, experiences (from surf lessons to Fraser Island adventures) and accommodation that’s included in your pass, as well as deciding what else you need to do in Oz. Who knew planning could be so fun?

3. South Africa – Baz Bus

Think of Baz Bus as your personal chauffeur service, taking you door to door to South Africa’s best hostels; a personal chauffer service that includes an on-board TV, a knowledgeable driver guide and 18 eager travellers that will soon become your new travel buddies.

South Africa’s best bits are often hard to reach by your own means, so a Baz Buz pass is the most convenient and, more importantly, the safest way to explore what’s on offer.

4. USA – Bamba Experience USA

Bamba bus makes crossing the USA as easy as crossing a zebra crossing. With most of the countries iconic cities covered (plus a few more in Canada), you’ll be living the American Dream from the second you hop-on to the moment you hop-off.

Into the Land of Elvis Ways would be my pass of choice. It stops in New York, Nashville and Memphis, and includes tours of Graceland, Nashville and the French Quarter.

5. Canada – Moose Travel

Hop-on and hop-off a highly intelligent and specifically chosen moose for a tour with a difference. Only joking! Moose Travel offer hop-on hop-off bus passes that are perfect for adventurers who want to explore the vast outdoors of Canada. Pick a Moose pass, and it’s highly likely you’ll spot bears, beavers and wolves in their natural habitat. All from a safe distance, and comfort, of your top of the range buses or vans, of course.

6. Southeast Asia – Stray Asia

Stray Asia busses are a nifty little way to move yourself through the wondrous lands of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. The term ‘bus’ pass is perhaps not so accurate in Stray’s case; modes of transport also include boats, trains and tuk tuks, which means you’ll get a lot more bang for you baht and make your Southeast Asian trip a lot more authentic.

7. Latin America – Bamba Bus

Fancy searching for volcanoes, zooming on zip lines, exploring cloud forests, touring Mayan ruins, and diving in cenotes in Central America? Or what about sand boarding in Peru, staying with a Bolivian family, seeing the salt flats, cruising Bogota by bike and dancing the tango in Brazil? Well, jump aboard the Bamba Bus in Latin America and get all of these amazing experiences included in your bus pass.

8. Europe – Busabout

Busabout don’t mess about when it comes to taking you to the most exciting and cultural hot spots that Europe has to offer. They cover nine countries, including France, Spain, Germany and Italy, with loads of stops in each. There’s no fixed itinerary to follow, giving you plenty of that much needed freedom, but if you do want some tips there’s a load of suggested ‘loops’ and routes for a little inspiration.

Just like the song, the wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round; they go all around the world! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of booking a hop-on hop-off pass, let us know below. If you fancy booking a bus pass give us a call or pop into your local store.