High Five… Travel Resolutions for 2014!

Has your commitment to giving up sugar for life and forgoing all burgers begun to wane? Is your pledge to work out daily, read more, work harder and live on kale becoming a distant dream? Fear not! It’s not too late to make some magnificent travel resolutions for 2014 that will turn you into a superhuman!*

Here are 5 travel related resolutions that you’ll definitely want to keep way past the first 2 weeks of the year, resolutions that could actually have a very real and long lasting impact on your life. Plus, you’ll actually have one hell of a time keeping them!

Remember - quality over quantity when it comes to travel photos.

*Disclaimer – resolutions may not actually turn you into a superhuman – but they will help you make the most of your travels.

Some new year resolutions you won’t want to break!

Take Better Photos

With travel photography the golden rule is quality over quantity. No one wants to look at 74 snaps of you and Ben standing in front of the same temple trying to perfect your pose – not even you and Ben. Dedicate a few seconds to thinking about composition and what you actually want the picture to convey and not only will you avoid wading through swathes of digital dross until your camera dies, you’ll get to spend more time actually looking at the beauty in front of you with your eyes instead of through a lens.

For a bigger insight into taking great travel photos check out these 12 Expert Tips for Taking Killer Trave Photos by professional photographer Ness.

Challenge Yourself

Taking on a challenge in a far flung country can be an incredibly rewarding and sometime daunting experience. Some require serious training (we’re talking Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp here), where as kayaking in Costa Rica and cycling in Rajasthan and are great for anyone with a touch of fitness and a dash of adventure.

Not only do you get the warm glowing feeling of a job well done at the end of a long, hard day, you get to leave the tourist hubs and see the country side from a whole new perspective – often from above it!

Step up to a challenge and enjoy the smug feeling of achievement after.

Go Solo

Have you been waiting for months for your mates to get their act together and be ready to book your dream trip? More and more people are seizing the moment and heading out into the world solo for their very own adventure. Though it can seem daunting at first, travelling solo can be a breeze with no one to please but yourself.

However, with options out there from brilliant small group adventure tours to rocking hop-on hop-off bus passes and hostels with roof top pools and BBQ zones, it’s unlikely you’ll go far without making some friends for life.

Revel ion the sense of freedom from travelling alone.

Give Something Back

Whether you decide to take a week out to conserve Sea Turtles in Costa Rica or a couple of months teaching English in Delhi there is a world of opportunity to volunteer and give something back to the communities you pass through. Not only are the rewards massive for you (a real sense of achievement, a chance to interact with the local culture, language learning opportunities, a great boost to a CV…we could go on!) you have a chance to make an impact that will last long after this year, and your New Year’s resolutions, have come and gone.

Explore the unlimited options and check out our blog on how to choose the right volunteering project for you.

Make a real impact and volunteer while travelling.

Stop More

Sometimes travel can seem all about getting to the next point on a map. Moving on as quickly as possible and seeing as much as you can sometimes mean you never really experience the place you’ve washed up – always thinking ahead to the next bus ride, that next hostel, the next beer. Make 2014 the year you decide to take a pause, breath in the new air and take stock of the beauty that surrounds you… and THEN move on to the next beer.

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