8 Things You Didn’t Know About Fiji

I’ll tell you one thing I’m pretty sure you’re completely aware of when it comes to Fiji, this place is BEAUTIFUL (caps required). I’m lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit, and I can safely say I’ve never seen anywhere quite like it before, or since, my visit in 2012.

333 tropical islands all dotted around the largest, Viti Levu home to the nations capital Suva. A trip here is a pretty magical experience. One that can never be undersold. The reason for that is because Fiji continues to surprise people.

You come expecting beautiful surroundings and friendly people, and boy do you get that, as well as so much more.

8 interesting facts about Fiji

You can sit on top of the world…

The highest point in Fiji is Mt Tomanivi, found on Viti Levu at an altitude of 1,234m. Imagine the sunrise from there!

…and turn back time

Fiji is spread across the international date line and if you make it to Taveuni, you’ll be able to put one foot in one date and one foot in another!

Village life rules

It may stretch out over an impressive sounding 333 inhabited islands but there are two large cities in Fiji; Suva (the nation’s capital) and Lautoka which together are home to 75{8105bc8a7da0e4ee2985a05e217cd0e1bef95b551bf8bafd62a449e444182173} of the population.

There are a handful more large towns including Nadi, but over all in Fiji, village life rules, with life revolving around small village traditions.

Tourism is one of Fiji’s main industries

Considering Fiji is such an idyllic location, you would think this is actually quite an obvious fact. However, after visiting, you probably wouldn’t believe it.

Of course, there are an array of hotels and beachside resorts across a selection of the islands, but over all, the country doesn’t feel over exposed to tourism at all. Forget visions of overcrowded beaches and global corporate brands on every corner. Fiji is still a little pocket of tradition and authenticity, as that’s just how the locals like it.

Fijians like to raise eyebrows

Although not in the way you might expect. Where we would nod our heads here in the UK, in Fiji it’s common for locals to raise their eyebrows as a sign for ‘yes’.

Fiji Time Actually Exists

Ok, so it might not be recognised by the king of time/time police/the queen/whoever actually decides on time rules, however, Fiji time is real and you’ll need to reset your watches/throw your watch away when visiting Fiji to stand any chance of keeping your temper, as things slow down. A lot.

Things will be super slow and late. Embrace it and accept it. It’s actually quite liberating.

Winter barely exists

The coldest temperature you’d be likely to experience in Fiji is a mild 18 degrees and while there is technically a ‘rainy season’, rains are usually frequent but short, and are actually quite refreshing, meaning you’d be hard pressed to find a ‘bad’ time to visit.


Don’t get too excited if you’re offered a glass of Kava during your trip to Fiji, you won’t be treated to a chilled glass of fizz. Instead you’ll get a cup of brown water made from Kava plant.

A kava ceremony is a hugely important part of Fijian culture and is traditionally conducted in celebration or to welcome guests. Here’s the bit you may not know; a drink (or 3) of Kava creates a weird numbing sensation in your mouth, tongue and lips. It may be a harmless and pretty weird experience, but too much an leave you feeling a bit grim.

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