6 of the Best Wildlife Adventures Waiting for You in Asia

Asia is without a doubt the most diverse, most exciting, most crazy continent in the world, there are adventures to be had around every colourful corner and a trip here will leave you mesmerised, energised and hungry for more, and the good thing is – there’s always more to be had.

One of Asia’s crowning glories? The huge array of amazing wildlife, so we’ve listed our 6 favourite wildlife adventures in Asia below, and we can get you there, to see the kind of sights usually reserved for those must watch Attenborough documentaries for yourself.

Pandas in China.

Go wild in Asia

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Visit Pandas in China

Pandas are to China what bacon is to mornings and Absinth is to missing memories; totally synonymous. However, it’s only relatively recently that their conservation has been taken seriously and there are now 40 panda reserves to protect around 1600 individuals still remaining.

While some may feel like yelling “just breed more and diversify your diet for goodness sake!” no one can deny the cuteness of their distinctive features and tendency to fall over. You too can become part of this heart-warming story by volunteering at the Bifengxia Panda Centre outside of Chengdu where you can help with gathering bamboo, cleaning their areas and enclosures and sometimes gathering behavioural data.

Trek the Tiger Trail in Malaysia

In the jungles of Malaysia live the second largest number of tigers in the world after India. No surprises though the population is under threat from poaching and habitat destruction… and that’s where you come in.

Patrolling the jungles on the Tiger Trail volunteer project acts as a hunting deterrent while the data you collect will help conserve these majestic animals for years to come, plus, you get to live in a jungle. Pretty cool.

Take the Tiger Trail in Malaysia.

Watch Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not only home to incredible food, pristine beaches and fascinating culture; it’s also one of the best spots to go on the ultimate in whale watching adventures. The waters near the island are so deep and full of life that they can support the largest animal to have EVER existed on earth (that’s right, T-Rex got nothing on this) – the blue whale. We’re not even going to joke about this, spotting such an incredible animal in its natural habit is simply awesome.

Watch Blue Whales in Sri Lanka.

Help Elephants in Thailand

Elephants are Thailand’s national symbol and spending some time helping to conserve them in between beach parties, night trains and more beach parties, as part of our exclusive Thai Elephant Conservation Project, is extremely rewarding. In and around Chaing Mai you can live and work in a peaceful home created for 30 neglected and abused elephants helping to feed and care for them and even bathing them. That’s right – an elephant bath. This could get very, very wet.

Elephants in Sri Lanka.

Chill with Snow Monkeys in Japan

If you lived in the coldest habitat of any monkey on earth, which also happened to be littered with steaming hot geothermic pools surrounded for much of the year by snow, what would you do? If your answer is not “hang out like this absolute boss” (see below) we just don’t want to know.

Fly in to Tokyo then make your way to Jigokudani Monkey Park to spot them, chillaxing in the snow.

Snow Monkeys relaxing in Japan.

Swim with the fishes in Koh Tao

Learning to dive is a true journey of discovery which has its rewards no matter where the skills are acquired. However, if you asked us to choose between a swimming pool in Grimsby or the crystal clear waters of a Thai Island we’d be on that plane before you could say “same same”.

Koh Tao is not only one of the cheapest places in the world to learn to dive, its crystal clear waters are teaming with tropical fish (well hello there Nemo), barracuda and turtles.

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